Molson Coors Brewing
  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

Coors is one of the most popular beers in the United States, and can be easily identified by either the silver bottles or the short glass bottles. Up until just recently, many people did not care about what beer they drink, but then came the craft brewer who made beer for a slightly higher price with exponentially better taste. This has certainly cut into the margins of large corporations and they have to adjust accordingly. Of course the craft brewery scene will cool down eventually, but right now this large company has to adjust.

 fundamentals food   molson coors consumer beverage manufacturers consumer defensive beverages - brewers
Texas Instruments
  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

Texas Instruments Inc. is known by many for their TI line of calculators, which range from simple to graphing. Not only is the company known for calculators, they design and manufacture semiconductors to electronic designers. Being in the tech space is certainly the place to be as the world continues to evolve and grow in this direction. The only issue is that being in the tech industry, products have to be perfect or you’ll lose people to competitors very quickly. Enough talk about the company, let us see what the latest quarterly numbers were and if it can give us a sense of direction.

 fundamentals technology   texas instruments electrical, electronic electronic components semiconductors
  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By David Taylor

I have been bullish on certain industries over the past few weeks.  More and more the economic data is showing that the economy in the United States is firm and improving strongly.  Personal incomes in the United States are increasing and that drives spending.  Because of that factor, I like looking for buying opportunities that could be considered a second-tier.  Automobiles would be a first tier consumable item.  But, the parts makers would be thought of as a second-tier.  I am bullish on the auto industry.  I am also very bullish on the secondary companies, companies that provide parts to the auto industry.  Tenneco is one of these companies.

 fundamentals manufacturing   tenneco vehicles auto parts and components consumer cyclical auto parts
Foot Locker
  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

Foot Locker is a company that sells footwear and has a minimal clothing selection. Commonly found in malls, they sell running shoes, basketball shoes, and casual gym shoes. People are always needing new shoes and some people purchase shoes for fashion, and by providing both, Foot Locker has been able to focus in on this particular market space. People will always need shoes, and as long as this continues, Foot Locker is in a prime position to retain and grow its client base with solid branding and customer service.

 fundamentals retail   foot locker consumer cyclical footwear & accessories
General Motors
  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

General Motors is a staple in the auto industry, but has had it’s fair share of financial troubles. Back in 2008, the auto industry began to decline as people were no longer purchasing vehicles and the economy tanked. Now, everyone is back to normal levels and they are selling car, but the current issue is subprime auto lending. This has been talked about as the number of less qualified borrows has increased, the worry is default rates will increase as well. If this comes true, GM is certain to feel to affects as this will directly impact the auto industry.

 fundamentals cars   gm consumer cyclical auto manufacturers automobiles and trucks
Dr Pepper Snapple
  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. is the formal name, but we’ll refer to the company as Dr. Pepper. They are responsible for the flavorful drink we all grab at a sporting event, as well as that cold Snapple on a warm summer day. Being in the soft drink sector is difficult because not many survive. If you just walk down your local store and view all the beverage selections, you’ll understand why it’s difficult. Dr. Pepper has managed to stick around and become the favorites of many. Let us take a look at their latest numbers and see how the company is doing.

 fundamentals food   dr pepper consumer beverage manufacturers consumer defensive
Delta Air Lines
  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

Delta Airlines is an airline company that is most known for the commercial airlines. As flying becomes a popular mode of transportation, people are always looking for the best company to do business with. The airline industry is affected by the condition of the broader economy as well as commodities such as oil. If those prices and markets are affected, then the ticket purchaser is the one affect in the end. Airline companies can hedge buy using oil futures to lock in oil prices and stabilize prices.

 fundamentals services   delta air industrials airlines transportation
  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

AutoNation sells cars to people using the online platform and other outlets. With current boom in auto lending, anyone who has been selling cars has been able to take advantage. However, with the risk of auto subprime lending, it is now crucial that people pay attention to the late payment and default rates of these auto loans. If people begin to slack on paying back loans, banks lose money and this could slow down the sale of automobiles. Let us jump into the company’s latest numbers to see how they are progressing.

 fundamentals cars   autonation consumer cyclical auto & truck dealerships retail
Murphy Oil
  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

Murphy Oil is an American petroleum and natural gas exploration company, which is sensitive to the oil market fluctuation. The company has office in a few other major cities, but their main headquarter is in Arkansas. Being in the oil industry has its ups and downs, but the world will always need oil. It becomes difficult when oil prices drop so low that the operations are no longer profitable. Let us take a look at the company’s most recent numbers and see if they are falling victim to the current markets.

 fundamentals other   murphy oil energy oil & gas e&p petroleum and natural gas
  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

NiSource, Inc. is one of the largest fully regulated utility companies in the United States. This is a solid industry to build a company because people are always going to need those two utilities, as long as they live in a normal apartment or house. The downfall is a company such as this may be affected by mild winters and summers because people are not running their appliances as much. Also, there has be to awareness on costs such as natural gas and even oil. Let us take a look at a recent 8-K filing to see how the numbers look.

 fundamentals services   nisource utilities utilities - regulated gas

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