It is no secret that retail is struggling and names we?ve become accustomed too are folding. Sears is one of those darlings that people have sentimental attachment with, but slowly the company is losing their grip to hold on. In a latest announcement, Sears will no longer be selling Whirlpool appliances citing margins would be too thin. A relationship that has lasted over a century, gone in the blink of an eye. We can count this as another nail in the coffin as Sears is struggling to hold on and maintain life. It may be inevitable at this point but only time will determine that.

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We all have heard at this point about Bitcoin and what the cryptocurrency market can offer. From no middleman to quicker transaction times, there are plenty of benefits but with those come just as many questions of negatives. However, this article is not about those but rather the hard fork that occurred creating a new currency named Bitcoin Gold. If you follow this sector, you probably remember the hard fork that created Bitcoin Cash. Essentially, a hard fork is a split that creates a new currency that allows more of that currency to be created under a different name. Notice it is all Bitcoin, but there are now three variations of the cryptocurrency.

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As the holiday season approaches, people are building their shopping list. Toys make up a great deal of these lists and it is the time of year retail looks to jump into the black. Hasbro is a company that produces many of the names we know and love, but there is worry in the market that with the closure of Toys R Us, Hasbro is going to have a lower than expected quarter. Retail is being forecasted to keep this negative pressure into 2018, despite efforts to change.

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The most popular offerings are IPO’s, or initial public offerings. This is when a company decides to create shares and sell them to the public market. Some famous IPO’s in recent history include Twitter, Snap Inc., and Blue Apron. The process for an IPO is time consuming and takes multiple moving parts. Now with the introduction of cryptocurrencies, some are beginning to fund their operations with ICO’s or initial coin offerings. This is essentially when a company trades you their currency for U.S. Dollars in return.

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If you’ve ever stopped and looked at the cell phone market, then you know the competition is fierce. Not only are the providers trying to get an edge, but the equipment they sell if just as important as the brand itself. Taking a look at Verizon, they have recently released numbers and acquired more users than the street thought. However, that does not take away the fact T-Mobile and Sprint are gaining ground. If you want to boil it down to any one item, it could be the cost of having a cell phone plan.

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Internationally speaking, many people are unsure of what that entails investment wise. People typically have a general understanding of our markets due to the news and passive exposure. However, you ask them about international markets and they may not be able to give you anything at all. International investing is a wonderful way to solidify a well balanced portfolio as well as give you exposure to aspects only seen outside the United Stated markets. With that being said, one of the more effective method of gaining exposure is through an ETF.

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Kohl’s has recently unveiled in 10 stores that they are going to begin selling Amazon products as well as accepting returns of items that were purchased from Amazon. In a dark and depressing retail landscape, this is a bright spot and these two are teaming up to play into their respective strengths. Kohl’s has the brick and mortar presence that Amazon does not. Kohl’s benefits by having the privilege to sell Amazon products and attract a new dynamic customer base.

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New homebuilding numbers came out and they were lower than expected, but they are saying that this is due to the hurricanes that have hit the country. Certainly this has something to do with it, but keep in mind that there could be underlying issues. Homebuilding is an indicator of peoples willing to move and buy, and can show a trust in the workforce that jobs are readily available or there is enough people spending money. Investments that could be specifically affected are REIT’s are real estate investment trusts. Typically a go to for investors to add diversification, it is sensitive to these situations.

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Bitcoin continues to push boundaries by making new highs, but many are beginning to wonder if it is over valued and is being hyped up. Time will reveal the answer to that, but in the mean time, it continues to be a form of investment and spending for many. Bitcoin is the face cryptocurriencies everywhere and it stretches far beyond the coin itself.

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Technology continues to advance and the many different applications on the market now allow the user to invest essentially however they like. A popular issue that arises though is that people are tired of the cost of trading. Some brokers are charging five dollars or more to process a trade. The more people pay for trades the less they are investing and it diminishes potential returns. With that being said, there are multiple ways to increase your investing margins using apps for your phone.

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