We will be concluding the ETF series with an international ETF that will allow you to have exposure to the rest of the world. International holdings can certainly add value, but many avoid it due to the unknowns. Reporting of individual companies is different than that of the United States, making it difficult to obtain financial numbers. Vanguard offers an international ETF by the ticker of VXUS.

 fundamentals other   vanguard total vanguard foreign large blend

Netflix is raising their prices and this is not worrying investors. This company is a streaming service that allows users to watch television shows and movies for a monthly subscription fee. Hulu and Amazon are direct competitors but they seem to be holding their ground well. With the raise in prices, the debate people are having is will this hurt their market share. Advances in technology and 4K features, these are reasonable points for the company to raise their price.

 fundamentals services   netflix consumer cyclical media - diversified entertainment

Amazon is searching for a location to put their second headquarters and major cities such as Chicago are taking this seriously. The amount of jobs and income this HQ would provide to the winning bidder would be significant to say the least. This company continues to dominate the market and they have been cited as an ingredient to the retail slow down. Companies such as Walmart and Google are teaming up to take on this giant.

 fundamentals retail   amazon consumer cyclical specialty retail

For the edition of the ETF series, we take a look at the most well known commodity, and that is gold. Gold is an interesting commodity that many people see as either an object that can physically be held or an investment strategy. This popular item is always debated during certain times of the business cycle and will always be debated for years to come. The questions many people bring up are when and how to invest in it, and if it can generate great returns.

 fundamentals mining   spdr gold spdr state street global advisors commodities precious metals

It has been a little bit of time since the Wells Fargo scandal hit but many are still feeling the effects. From opening fraudulent accounts and people calling for jail time, this brand has certainly put its image in a bit of a bind. Wells Fargo is a large financial institution that essential touches every aspect of the financial system. From investing to retail, they cover a wide spectrum.

 fundamentals finance   wells fargo services banking financial services banks - global

In the latest edition of the ETF Series, we take a look at a struggling sector. If you missed the latest issue, we took a look at the ticker XLF, which is a sector fund that focuses on financials. This edition, we take a look at XRT, which is the SPDR product that focuses on retail. Retail has been struggling this year and continues with the latest store to close being Toys R Us. With this sector seemingly a minefield, looking at this particular ETF can allow you to gain exposure without the company specific risk, which can prove to be costly in the current market climate.

 fundamentals retail   spdr sp spdr state street global advisors consumer cyclical

Johnson & Johnson are known for their many different products. Odds are if you search your bathroom you will find multiple products made by this company. Solid and sound, the company has been upgraded by Wells Fargo, which is positive news for price movement. As well as that, the company has acquired the company Actelion, which operates in the biotech industry.

 fundamentals other   johnson johnson healthcare drug manufacturers - major pharmaceutical products

Previously in the ETF article series, we have talked about two of the larger ETF’s that focus on index tracking. Those are the ticker SPY and QQQ, but now we dive a little bit deeper and take a look at sector exchange traded funds. Sectors that many of us are familiar with include financials, telecommunications, and discretionary spending. Certainly there are more but these are just a few. For this instance, we are going to look at the financial sector using the SPDR fund product, XLF. The ticker XLF is a popular and widely used ETF that tracks the financials sector.

 fundamentals finance   financial select spdr state street global advisors financial

Chipotle continues to survive despite the numerous public relation nightmares that have plagued the company in recent months. This company is in the fast food industry and specializes in a simple menu with burrito or burrito bowl options, allowing customers to enter and exit quickly. They also focus on healthy and clean food choices to give their customers the best options possible.

 fundamentals food   chipotle mexican consumer cyclical restaurants restaurants hotels motels

With many retail locations closing their doors, Spirit Halloween is taking advantage by moving into malls and other prime locations. Spirit Halloween is the store that comes around Halloween time and sells seasonal items pertaining to the holiday. They move into locations where stores were once located and set up shop for roughly two months. This is proving to be a successful business model as there is over a thousand of these stores across the country.

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