Bed Bath & Beyond has fallen as much as 15% due to the competition in the home goods sector of the market. This company is known for their diverse selection of home goods as well as gift registries for major events such as weddings or graduations. It sounds like a broken record, but the retail space is shifting as we know it any very few are pushing through it with massive success.

A company such as Bed Bath & Beyond needs to up their online presence if they stand to compete against the Amazons and Walmarts of the world. Retail companies have been pressured, but this can create value for investors. Value is what we all are searching for, but this takes time and patience to wait for the right opportunity.

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T-Mobile and Sprint have discussed mergers and this should come as no surprise. T-Mobile has continued to do well over the last few years and this makes them more competitive than before. The price wars within the cell phone industry have caused a pullback in the leaders and resurgence in the underperformers, which include T-Mobile.

Obviously they are in the earlier stages of negotiations as it has been report due diligence has yet to be completed. Regardless, these companies have been a candidate for sales or mergers for quite some time. However, the government may step in and decide this is a monopolized industry and disallow the merger. This is certainly to be continued.

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Toys “R” Us may begin to file bankruptcy at any point this week. The toy selling giant has been around for years and is under the same pressers as most of retail. Amazon and other large companies with an online presence are taking over the market and shifting the way people conduct business. There are only a few details out to the public right now but this will be another in a long list of companies that closed their doors this year, and we still have 3 more months to go.

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Bitcoin is in the news and not for good reasons. The Chinese government has cracked down on initial coin offerings as well as exchanges. Recently, one of China’s largest Bitcoin exchanges stated that are going to halt operations in light of the new regulations being proposed. For people who understand the currency thoroughly, this may not be the end of the world. However, people looking to enter the market may begin to have second thoughts if one of the most technology savvy countries is regulating the space.

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With the second hurricane weakening, we as a nation can begin to evaluate the damages that have occurred. From a financial standpoint, many have noted that gas prices have gone up due to the first hurricane hitting Houston. This is because the refineries and other operations in distributing oil were slowed or stopped.

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The newest iPhone is set to debut tomorrow and is primed to be the latest and greatest. Many people are expecting a major makeover that the iPhone has not seen in nearly a decade. Some speculations that are being discussed no home button, face recognition, and a full screen that covers the entier phone. Tomorrow will bring suspense as well because rumors have hit that there may be a supply shortage due to several factors in the production process.

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These last 24 hours have been an eventful way to end the short workweek. Equifax reported that over one hundred million people have had their data compromised due to hackers. This includes information such as social security numbers, birthdates, and other information that may be sensitive.

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There are many different ways to invest in the markets today. From options to stocks, you can gain market exposure in many different ways. There are questions you have to ask yourself first, such as what type of returns you are looking for. Also, you need to define your risk profile and what types of investments you are willing to hold. I want to go over a few types of investments options you should consider when you are looking to enter the market.

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With the new iPhone being unveiled in the coming days, it is important to understand what impact this can have on the stock, along with the other players in the market and what to be watching out for.

First, keep in mind that Apple gets a majority of their revenue from iPhone sales. Obviously as their product line expands, this will change. iPhones have historically been the mood point each year and this is no different. People are expecting the new phone to be a complete change from their previous model and this is a good thing.

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When it comes to large weather events, it can have an impact that ripples throughout the country. From oil to flights to insurance, there are many facets people overlook and it can affect your portfolio for the near future. With that, it can provide an opportunity to buy at a discount if the market overreacts by selling off.

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