The market seems to be on edge today as the North Korean government has fired another missile, presumably to test their creations. When this news hits the wire, it feels as if the little boy is crying wolf. However, this latest appears to have a little more impact on the market and this is something to take note of. Not necessarily from a homeland security standpoint, but a market volatility standpoint.

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The markets are gearing up for a lively week of action as there are many events happening in the near future. Amazon has begun to implement their strategy with Whole Foods by cutting prices. Apple is in the news for the expected reveal of their latest iPhone in the next couple weeks. Also, oil prices may begin to feel the effect of hurricane Harvey in the gulf as Houston continues to brace for more rain and flooding.

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The market is the market and does not care who or what you are trying to do. It will reward those who know how to play in the current market and will adversely affect those who do not. Same can be though about investing and trading. The general agreement is passive investing will generate larger returns than actively trading the market. Within that, there are times trading will outperform and the same for the other way around.

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Fossil is a higher end brand that specializes in accessories for both men and women. Compared to Coach, they are in the middle class market and appeal to the people who may have extra money to spend. This year has been difficult for the company but that does not go without surprise and the whole retail industry is struggling. With the addition of Apple Watch, Fossil has tried to jump on the smart watch game by coming out with their own fashionable line of smart technology.

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We all know Apple has their next product nearing completion, but the newest iPhone has more riding on it than ever. It feels as if the market is making the latest iPhone an all or nothing, even though there are other products in their massive line. iPhone sales make up a large portion of Apple’s revenue, but the company is doing well in attempting to diversify their portfolio.

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With the solar eclipse and everyone’s excitement, now could be a wonderful time to look at your current portfolio and see if you have any socially responsible investments. There is a new category of investments that pertains to green investments, socially responsible investments, and ethical investments. Obviously this varies slightly from one persons opinion to another, but it covers many peoples belief in this area.

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With a market that seems to be crawling to the upside, growth is becoming more and more of a premium. That means you will be looking deeper and turning more stones to find the next place to invest your money. From Bitcoin to retail, there are many different avenues to venture down and here are a few options to keep on your radar.

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In a market that appears to be peaking, both professional and retail investors alike are wondering what the next plan of action could be. Finding value in these markets is still important because as stocks become more expensive, you want to limit your purchasing of them at such a high price. With that comes value investing and the ability to find diamonds in the rough. Value investing works during all parts of the market cycle, but different parts offer better chances and opportunities.

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The markets today are acting the way many would expect, and fear is beginning to creep in. VIX is at 3-month highs and gold is beginning to see an up tick, this means that people could be shifting their funds to safe haven assets. However, that does not mean you need to jump on board with this move, as it could just be a reaction. Now may be a time to look at your allocations and make note, preparing for a potential shift in market fear.

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When there is negative news around, the market tends to react if it is strong enough. With the recent happenings regarding North Korea’s nuclear progressions, the market is beginning to fear what could happen, if anything at all. For investors, this could bring opportunity to enter the market on the dips from fear selling and enter sectors that may perform better with negative national pressures.

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