Fossil is a brand in the marketplace that specializes in fashion and accessories for both men and women. Some of their main competitors include Coach and Michael Kors, and as retail has been suffering these companies continue to push on despite the negative pressures. Fossil has stepped up their game recently by offering smart watches that connect to our cellular devices while remaining fashionable.

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As fall is rapidly approaching, that means back to school shopping and gift shopping is coming, which can bring life back into the retail sector. Retail has been beat down this year and we all have seen the closures, but this holiday season could breath life back into retail. After this season, we will have to wait for the results early 2018 to really tell the story of how retail is doing.

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Google is in the news for a memo that was released, essentially stating there are biased opinions still in the company. For a large company such as Google, this is a public relations nightmare because it is such a sensitive subject. Companies such as this want to keep clean in the public image, but this brings up a good point on ethical investing. There are companies out there that may not be making their money the same way you agree with, and this begs the question of should you be looking at more than just the number.

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Technology is an essential part of our lives and effects how we communicate today. There are a few steady and widely used social media outlets and Twitter is one of them. Twitter has a simple platform that allows users to post small media posts that are limited to 144 characters. As people shift their attention between the different platforms, Twitter has to find a way to continue enticing people to return.

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Oil affects every aspect of our lives, from buying food to filling up cars to even our retirement portfolio. Typically people feel the movements in oil at the gas pump, but it really has the potential to reach in many areas of your portfolio. Every Wednesday, there are oil numbers that come out and it can swing the price of oil one way or another, typically with a decent percentage swing.

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Tesla continues to be the face of electric cars and the progress being made. Using Tesla as the gold standard, they are pushing boundaries and making the latest and greatest. With that comes great costs and investors closely watch the company to ensure they are performing and moving along as expected. There are several different plays you can look at beyond Tesla if you want exposure. These automobiles need a variety of technology as well as other components, which means you can look to invest in companies that provide goods to Tesla.

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Taking a step away from the traditional investing information, I wanted to write about the different ways to invest given the current state of technology. There are 401k’s , robo-advisors, apps for cell phones, or a traditional brokerage account. These different types of accounts allow you to find a system that best fits your current lifestyle. It is also important understand the difference between them all and pick which is best for you.

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For those of you who have not been exposed, the media has dubbed a set of stocks with the acronym FANG, which stands for Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google. You may be wondering why these four stocks, and the reason is that these stocks have been able to perform through thick and thin, providing investors with solid returns. In the piece, I want to breakdown why each of these may continue to perform and maintain their elite status among others.

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If we are taking a look at the overall market, we can see that the Nasdaq has done extremely well, out performing the other two major indices in the United States. There are several reasons for why that might be, but the first one many people may think of is the technology component of the Nasdaq.

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For those who actively immerse themselves in market news, there is a debate it seems going between exchange traded funds or ETF’s for short, and mutual funds. Mutual funds are made up of holdings, which people can enter and exit the funds fairly easily depending on the fund. There may be a minimum investment amount depending on the fund and price is typically set at the end of the day. An exchange traded fund is traded on the open market with price moving potentially every second of the day. The ETF’s are made up holdings similar to a mutual fund and those are used to help mimic a certain index or market sector.

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