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By Achuva Shats
In this post I will concentrate on Canada Diversified. I will evaluate why we are still optimistic in anticipation of a recovery. Canada Diversified Fund moves indifferently to market moves. The returns on investing in Canada Diversified and the market returns of the last few months appear not related. Stable fundamental indicators of the mutual fund may hint to signs of mid-run price drift for stockholder of the mutual fund. We consider Canada Diversified very steady. Canada Diversified Fund secures Sharpe Ratio (or Efficiency) of 0.1644 which signifies that the fund had 0.1644% of return per unit of risk over the last 1 month. Our philosophy towards foreseeing volatility of a fund is to use all available market data together with fund specific technical indicators that cannot be diversified away. We have found twenty technical indicators for Canada Diversified Fund which you can use to evaluate future volatility of the entity. Please confirm Canada Diversified Fund Mean Deviation of 0.1968, Risk Adjusted Performance of 0.1676 and Coefficient Of Variation of 517.57 to double-check if risk estimate we provide are consistent with the epected return of 0.0577%.
Anything left for Canada Diversified in March?

The firm has beta of 0.0. The returns on MARKET and Canada Diversified are completely uncorrelated. The entity dividends can provide a clue to current valuation of the fund. Canada Diversified Fund is not expected to issue dividends this year as it trying to preserve or re-invest any of the funds available for distribution to stakeholders. Lets now take a look at Canada Diversified Equity Positions Weight. According to company disclosure Canada Diversified Fund has Equity Positions Weight of 6.63%. This is much higher than that of the Canada Life Assurance Co family, and significantly higher than that of Canadian Neutral Balanced category, The Equity Positions Weight for all funds is notably lower than the firm.

The current investor indifference towards the small price fluctuations of Canada Diversified Fund could raise concerns from investors as the entity closed today at a share price of 10.48589993 on very low momentum in volume. The fund managers did not add any value to Canada Diversified investors in January. However, most investors can still diversify their portfolios with Canada Diversified Fund to hedge your portfolio against high-volatility market scenarios. The fund standard deviation of daily returns for 30 days (very short) investing horizon is currently 0.351. The very small Fund volatility is a good signal to investors with longer term investment horizons. Canada Diversified preserves 6.63  of equity positions weight. Canada Diversified is trading at 10.49. This is 0.1 percent decrease. Today lowest is 10.48589993.

All things considered, our current buy/sell recommendation on the mutual fund is Strong Sell. Canada Diversified is currently over valued with very small chance of bankruptcy for the next two years.

Canada Diversified Related Technical Indicators

At Risk
 0.84 (0.12)  0.00 (1.25)  0.00  0.13  0.00  1.71 (4.21)  8.54 
 1.20 (0.41)  0.00  2.31  0.00  0.0072  0.00  2.27 (5.39)  12.51 
 0.70 (0.20)  0.00  1.36  0.00  0.11  0.00  1.46 (1.48)  15.74 
 0.84 (0.18)  0.00 (2.73)  0.00  0.11  0.00  1.71 (2.75)  9.76 
 0.97 (0.17)  0.00 (2.12)  0.00  0.1  0.00  2.23 (4.18)  8.80 
 1.04 (0.26)  0.00  1.01  0.00  0.08  0.00  1.57 (4.24)  12.65 
 0.83 (0.26)  0.00  1.17  0.00  0.10  0.00  1.67 (2.31)  11.94 
 1.26 (0.40)  0.00  1.74  0.00  0.0143  0.00  2.02 (4.83)  18.86 
 0.73 (0.20)  0.00  0.97  0.00  0.13  0.00  1.22 (1.97)  11.74 
 0.86 (0.20)  0.00  0.98  0.00  0.15  0.00  1.41 (3.69)  9.31 

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