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By Nathan Young

Advanced Auto Parts is a company in the United States that sells automotive parts and accessories. From your basic needs to the more detailed items, you are more than likely going to find it at this store. As our cars and automobiles begin to deteriorate, there will always be a need for replacement parts. Not only does this company supply the weekend warrior, they also supply the smaller automotive shops around the country. Being in the auto industry certainly has its ups and downs, but there will always be a need for this service.

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Advanced Auto Parts Tends to the Needs of Every Car Enthusiast in the United States

Taking a look at a recent 8-K filing, we can get a general idea of how the company is doing fundamentally and use that with technical analysis to formulate a starting opinion. These numbers are for the third quarter of 2016. Total sales for the third quarter decreased 2.0% to $2.25 billion as compared with total sales during the third quarter of fiscal 2015 of $2.30 billion. The company’s gross profit rate was 43.9% of sales during the third quarter as compare to 45.0% during the third quarter last year. Overall, the numbers appear to be stable, but let us take a look at the chart and see if price agrees.

The chart is currently on an up tick, after confirming there is a support area around the $140 mark. This is important for investors because this is where other investors agree that price is good enough to buy. Also, be sure to keep up with the news because many people trade on news reports. Right now I would let this ride a little bit and see if it breaks back into the all time high mark. The chart looks good and there or no red flags stopping me from saying this chart is solid.


Being in the retail industry has some risks that are the same across the board, but since this is an auto parts retailer, there are a few risks that stand out. The 10-K report has detailed information about all the risks the company may be impacted by. One to watch is if overall demand for products sold by the company’s stores, it could adversely affect the business and stock price. Being in this sector of the industry is difficult because yes, people will always need to fix their car but they may postpone it if they can. Also, be sure to watch the overall market conditions and this could be an indication of where the company may be headed.


This company could be a great addition to your portfolio as they recently has stable quarterly numbers along with a rising stock price. Be sure to consult a professional to ensure this is going to help your portfolio. I would do more research and keep an eye on this stock, especially if the economy is continuing to grow.

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