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By Nathan Young

Apple Air Pods came out a little more than a year ago, providing people a wireless way to listen to music, podcasts, and take calls hands free. This year, they seem to be just as popular as many stores have sold out and Apple won’t have any more in time for Christmas. Maybe a surprise to many as these were not that popular of a product for awhile. A few months after their initial release, people wanted them and stores were selling out.

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Apple Air Pods Are a Hot Commodity as They Are Sold out Nearly Everywhere

Fast forward several months and the same thing is happening. Inventories are low and it may very well be too late to have them for this Christmas season. Not only that, but the highly anticipated home device from Apple was also postponed until 2018, which many were bummed about. Despite product launches being pushed back and products going out of stock, the iPhone side of the equation is going strong.

The new iPhones have been doing well, and that is crucial considering iPhone sales are still a large portion of the revenue pie. Given the new products, diversifying their portfolio is going well but we still have to watch iPhone sales. Initial launch of the phone proved well and this holiday season could help push numbers further. Apple is a popular company that always seems to find a way when doubters step in a rain on the parade.  

Looking forward, the fact that products are running out could be a positive sign that demand is growing at rates unanticipated. New phones continue to prove critics wrong and other products are being developed. As we push on in the technology sector, Apple must continue to adjust, as competition is fierce. In the phone industry, Samsung is the largest competitor and will continue to be for the near future.  

Apple is a solid company that has more money than it knows what to do with. Investing in Apple is a smart path to go, but money can also be made in options and in day trading. For the average investor, buying and holding Apple may be the best way to proceed. The upcoming annual report should be a good one, provided this holiday season doesn’t disappoint.

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