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Earning Report: February 25, 2020  

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By Vlad Skutelnik
This post is geared to all Altisource Portfolio management as well as to investors considering exiting their position in the enterprise. I will evaluate if Altisource Portfolio shares are sensibly priced going into January and whether management should be worried. Macroaxis estimates Altisource Portfolio as currently Undervalued. The real value is approaching 21.59 per share. Altisource Portfolio shows prevailing Real Value of $21.59 per share. The current price of the firm is $18.84. At this time the firm appears to be undervalued. This module approximates value of Altisource Portfolio from analyzing the firm fundamentals such as Return On Equity of 0.0063 , Profit Margin of 0.0008  and Current Valuation of 578.43 M as well as examining its technical indicators and Probability Of Bankruptcy. In general, we favor to go long with undervalued instruments and to trade away overvalued instruments since at some point assets prices and their ongoing real values will blend.
Will Altisource Portfolio have anything to report in January?

Our buy or sell advice tool can be used to cross verify current analyst consensus on Altisource Portfolio and to analyze the company potential to grow in the current economic cycle. This firm dividends can provide a clue to current valuation of the stock. Altisource Portfolio is not expected to issue dividends this year as it trying to preserve or re-invest any of the funds available for distribution to stakeholders.

The company reported previous year revenue of 788.68 M. Net Loss for the year was (11.85 M) with profit before overhead, payroll, taxes, and interest of 216.04 M. Altisource Portfolio price decrease over the last few months could raise concerns from investors as the firm closed today at a share price of 18.7 on 35081.000 in volume. The company directors and management were not very successful in positioning the firm resources to exploit market volatility in November. However, diversifying your holdings with Altisource Portfolio Solutions or similar stocks can still protect your portfolio during high-volatility market scenarios. The stock standard deviation of daily returns for 30 days (very short) investing horizon is currently 3.04. The above-average volatility is mostly attributed to market volatility and speculations regarding some of the upcoming earning calls from Altisource Portfolio partners. Altisource Portfolio makes 16 m shares outstanding. Altisource Portfolio is selling for under 18.84. That is 0.11 percent decrease. Day Low was 18.7. Altisource Portfolio Accumulated Retained Earnings Deficit is relatively stable at the moment. Also, Altisource Portfolio Net Income to Non Controlling Interests is relatively stable at the moment.

 2016 2017 2018 2019 (projected)
Interest Expense24.41 M22.25 M26.25 M23.22 M
Gross Profit307.26 M242.35 M216.04 M216.04 M
Altisource Portfolio Solutions S.A. operates as an integrated service provider and marketplace for the real estate and mortgage industries in the United States and internationally. Altisource Portfolio Solutions S.A. was incorporated in 1999 and is headquartered in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. Altisource Portfolio operates under Mortgage Finance classification in USA and is traded on BATS Exchange. It employs 6128 people.
Interest ExpenseGross Profit

In closing, we believe that at this point Altisource Portfolio is somewhat reliable with below average odds of financial turmoil within the next 2 years. Our actual 'Buy/Hold/Sell' recommendation on the enterprise is Strong Sell.

Related Technical Indicators

At Risk
 1.14  0.07 (0.01)  0.83  1.28 (0.0102) (1.19)  2.33 (2.03)  9.84 
 0.76 (0.05)  0.00 (0.27)  0.00 (0.15)  0.00  1.39 (1.48)  3.88 
 0.45 (0.01)  0.00  0.36  0.00 (0.16)  0.00  0.88 (1.22)  4.59 
 2.34 (0.43)  0.00  1.60  0.00 (0.16)  0.00  4.95 (6.37)  17.85 
 1.76 (0.15)  0.00 (0.23)  0.00 (0.07)  0.00  3.99 (5.71)  13.19 
 1.91 (0.42)  0.00 (1.79)  0.00 (0.19)  0.00  3.70 (4.08)  16.52 
 0.45  0.09 (0.01) (0.99)  0.82 (0.0195) (0.47)  0.91 (0.69)  6.05 
 0.80 (0.02) (0.07)  0.05  1.05 (0.08) (0.79)  1.65 (1.34)  4.94 
 0.82  0.11  0.02  0.95  1.33  0.0212 (0.83)  1.54 (2.07)  5.91 
 1.06  0.07 (0.04) (0.10)  1.57 (0.0396) (1.00)  2.20 (2.99)  8.79 

Altisource Portfolio exotic insider transaction detected

Altisource Portfolio Solutions insider trading alert for general transaction of common stock by Linn W Michael, the corporate stakeholder, on January 7, 2020. This event was filed by Altisource Portfolio Solu with SEC on 2013-11-14. Statement of changes in beneficial ownership - SEC Form 4 [view details]   

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Vlad Skutelnik
   Vlad Skutelnik is a Macroaxis Contributor. Vlad covers stocks, funds, cryptocurrencies, and ETFs that are traded in North America focusing primarily on fundamentals, valuation and market volatility. He has many years of experience in fintech, predictive investment analytics, and risk management. View Profile
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