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By Aina Ster
We will cover Bob Evans Farms in this post. Bob Evans Farms, Inc. produces and distributes food products for grocery retailers in the United States. As of January 12, 2018, Bob Evans Farms, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Post Holdings, Inc. Bob Evans operates under Restaurants classification in USA and traded on NASDAQ exchange. It employs 1021 people.. Bob Evans Farms chance of financial distress is under 8.0%.. Bob Evans employes about 1021 people. The company is managed by 22 executives with total tenure of roughly 96 years, averanging almost 4.0 years of service per executive having 46.0 employee per reported executive.
Bob Evans Farms chance of financial distress is under 8.0.

The company currently holds 126.61M in liabilities with Debt to Equity (D/E) ratio of 72.9 indicating the company may have difficulties to generate enough cash to satisfy its financial obligations. Bob Evans Farms has Current Ratio of 1.6 which is within standard range for the sector. The firm currently falls under 'Mid-Cap' category with current market capitalization of 1.54B.

This company currently falls under 'Mid-Cap' category with current market capitalization of 1.54B. Bob Evans preserves 72.90% of debt to equity. Bob Evans is trading at 77.01. No Change. Today lowest is 77.01.

Competition Technical Indicators

At Risk
 1.07 (0.15)  0.00 (0.17)  0.00 (0.12)  0.00  1.78 (2.45)  5.57 
 1.75  0.02  0.00 (0.02)  0.00  0.002  0.00  3.03 (4.31)  9.72 
 1.14 (0.05)  0.00 (0.07)  0.00 (0.0356)  0.00  1.80 (2.85)  6.17 
 1.16  0.17  0.12  0.11  1.21  0.09 (1.30)  2.28 (2.36)  13.94 
 0.82  0.03  0.06 (0.21)  1.06  0.06 (0.80)  1.37 (1.75)  3.40 
 1.33 (0.12)  0.00 (0.12)  0.00 (0.08)  0.00  2.60 (2.97)  7.34 
 1.27  0.27  0.14  0.16  1.67  0.15 (1.40)  2.66 (2.51)  8.86 
 1.16  0.17  0.10  0.11  1.51  0.11 (1.21)  2.48 (2.48)  5.98 

Sale by Cusick Mary L of 407 shares of Bob Evans

Bob Evans Farms insider trading alert for sale of common stock $.01 par value by Cusick Mary L, SR VP MARKETING, on October 20, 2019. This event was filed by Bob Evans Farms Inc with SEC on 2006-10-06. Statement of changes in beneficial ownership - SEC Form 4 [view details]   

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Bob Evans is currently under evaluation in price to book category among related companies. Price to Book (P/B) ratio is used to relate a company book value to its current market price. A high P/B ratio indicates that investors expect executives to generate more returns on their investments from a given set of assets. Book value is accounting value of assets minus liabilities.
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