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By Nathan Young

Campbell Soup Company is the brand with the memorable Christmas commercial of the snowman entering the house, only to be a small child as they eat the tomato soup. People across the county have had some exposure to this brand; most popular are their soup selections. They make all sorts of soups and ingredients for recipes, which includes cream of mushroom soup. The good side of being invested in a company such as this is they are not as exposed to a market slowdown because of their price point and product they provide. Enough about the company, let us take a look and see how the company has been over the last year months.

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Campbell Soup Company Is an Iconic Brand That Many Have a Connection With

Switching things up, we’re going to take a look at this company from a pure technical standpoint and see if there are any items worth noting. The price currently sits at the highs of 1998, which is a sign that the company is back stronger than ever. Price was able to break those highs but quickly retraced below and is now testing them again. It’s difficult to say where the price wants to go, but for the near future, it wants to retest the highs of the late 90’s. If price wants to fall back down, look at $49.50 to be an area of support where in the late 90’s there was a gap down and it broke topside from there in 2016. Overall, the chart appears to be healthy and it moving well. I would wait for a more definitive action such a break to the topside with volume before enter, as this would confirm momentum to the upside.


Being in the food sector, there are always risks but they should always be taken into account before investing. The latest 10-K filing will have a list of risks, but here are some to keep in mind. First, the company has to maintain brand image in order to retain current customers and bring in new ones. They’ve been able to do this for a while but need to maintain it to keep their place in the market. Secondly, they have ensure the food they are selling is safe and does not have a recall, as that always has negative affects on company’s. Lastly, if the overall market decreases, the stock price may decrease. But in my opinion, they are not as affected as some due to their price point in the market.


This company is solid and should be considered, as they seem to be sticking around for quite some time. They have a very recognizable brand and the iconic tomato soup. As with an investment, be sure to consult a professional to ensure you are getting the most value for your dollar.

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