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Filed transaction by Denbury Resources Inc director. Unconventional Insider trading
Published over a year ago
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Denbury Resources exotic insider transaction detected
Transaction by Greene Ronald G

Watch out for price decline

Please consider monitoring Denbury Resources on a daily bases if you are holding a position in it. Denbury Resources is trading at a penny-stock level, and the possibility of delisting is much higher compared to other equities. However, just because the stock is trading under one dollar, does not mean it will be marked for deletion. Most exchanges require public instruments, such as Denbury Resources stock to be traded above the $1 level to remain listed. If Denbury Resources stock price falls below $1 for 30 consecutive trading days, the exchange can delist it. Once the company reaches this point, they will be sent an initial price violation notice directly from an exchange.

How important is Denbury Resources's Liquidity

Denbury Resources financial leverage refers to using borrowed capital as a funding source to finance Denbury Resources ongoing operations. It is usually used to expand the firm's asset base and generate returns on borrowed capital. Denbury Resources financial leverage is typically calculated by taking the company's all interest-bearing debt and dividing it by total capital. So the higher the debt-to-capital ratio (i.e., financial leverage), the riskier the company. Please check the breakdown between Denbury Resources's total debt and its cash.

How Denbury utilizes its cash?

To perform a cash flow analysis of Denbury Resources, investors first need to understand how to read the cash flow statement. A cash flow statement shows the amount of cash Denbury Resources is receiving and how much cash it distributes out in a given period. The Denbury Resources cash flow statement breaks down these inflows and outflows into different buckets, including operating activities, investing activities, and financing activities. Denbury Resources Net Cash Flow from Operations is relatively stable at the moment as compared to the past year. Denbury Resources reported last year Net Cash Flow from Operations of 494.14 Million

Detailed Outlook On Denbury Resources

Denbury Resources insider trading alert for general transaction of common stock by Greene Ronald G, the corporate stakeholder, on July 20, 2019. This event was filed by Denbury Resources Inc with SEC on 2013-07-02. Statement of changes in beneficial ownership - SEC Form 4