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By Nathan Young

October 12, 2017

Harami patterns are probably one of the more common patterns in the market. Identifying this pattern is simple as it involved two candles. Also making this easy is the pattern can occur in either a bullish or bearish market, allowing for flexibility. Patterns should be used as alerts because they are not one hundred percent accurate. Now, let us dive into the pattern.

Harami Pattern

Involving two candles, the first candle is typically large. Let us use a bearish reversal as an example. The first candle will be large in body, opening and closing much higher with small wicks on either end. The second one is smaller, gapping down and closing lower, but staying within the previous candle. These two candles together create the Harami Pattern. This can be used in reverse and it is still the same pattern.

Locating this pattern is easier because it involves only two candles and it happens more often than other patterns. As with any pattern, it is best used as an indication of a potential market shift, rather than a certain market shift. Some indicators that may complement this pattern well include Bollinger Bands or standard deviation. MacroAxis has many tools so be sure to check out the sight to tune your investing and trading strategy.

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Nathan Young
   Nathan Young is a Senior Member of Macroaxs Editorial Board - US Equity Analysis. With years of experience in the financial sector, Nathan brings a diverse base of knowledge. Specifically, he has in-depth understanding of application of technical and fundamental analysis across different equity instruments. Utilizing SEC filings and technical indicators, Nathan provides a reputable analysis of companies trading in the United States. View Profile
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