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By Nathan Young

October 25, 2017

With the plethora of candlestick patterns out there, some are simple and some are complex. Three advancing white soldiers is on the easier side and can really help you decide where the market is going.

Three Advancing White Soldiers

As you can very well guess by the name, this candlestick pattern contains three candles. They are all the same in nature, long bodies and minimal wicks, indicating there is a strong push to the upside. These candles can be used to help confirm a trend change because this shows the bears are minimally present in the market and the bulls are pushing price higher. Be sure to look at volume levels when this is occurring because if the volume is not noticeably different, the move may be short lived. Also, look at the fundamental data to determine if it is the drive behind the move.

Candlestick patterns should be used as an alert rather than a confirmation because patterns can form out of nowhere and may not be warranted. MacroAxis has a wonderful base of tools and research help to assist you in your goal of becoming a more profitable investor and trader. The three advancing white soldiers is an easier pattern to spot and can help you in determining market movements.

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