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By Nathan Young

October 27, 2017

Candlestick patterns are a way technical analysis find points in the market where entry and exit may be ideal. For the Rickshaw Man, it is easy to distinguish among the other candles in the chart. It is one single candle that is similar to a doji or long legged doji, which you can read about here at MacroAxis. With that being said, let us dive into the structure of the candle.


This is a single candle that has a long range and a tiny body. The wicks on both ends indicate there is indecision in the market and the nonexistent body means bears and bulls are unable to find an agreed upon price. Being an easy candle to find compared to others, this can allow the trader or investor to be alerted to potential market movements.

One item to watch closely with this particular candlestick is the volume levels. If you market on your chart an area where the market may change and this candle appears with higher than usual volume, this could mean you are not the only one expecting this move. Higher volumes can indicate a higher interest in this market at that particular time and at those levels. Beyond that, you can look at standard deviation levels or other data points to help solidify your research. MacroAxis has many other tools and research instruments that can assist in narrowing your trading and investing methods.

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