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By Ellen Johnson

May 16, 2019

Today article will analyze 3 Healthcare isntruments to have in your portfolio in June 2019. I will specifically cover the following equities: Henry Schein, Danaher Corporation, and Edwards Lifesciences Corporation
The Top 3 Healthcare stocks to own in June 2019

This list of potential positions covers USA Equities from Healthcare industry as classified by Fama & French. Fama and French focuses on testing asset pricing under different economic assumptions in USA. Please note, we provide buy hold or sell recommendation only in the context of selected investment horizon assuming investor has average attitude towards taking risk. Please also consider using Portfolio Positions Ratings and Equity Ratings tools to further calibrate your research.

Henry Schein (HSIC)

The company has return on total asset (ROA) of 0.06 % which means that it generated profit of $0.06 on every $100 spent on asset. This is way below average. Similarly, it shows return on stockholders equity (ROE) of 0.17 % meaning that it created $0.17 on every $100 dollars invested by stockholders. The firm currently falls under 'Large-Cap' category with current market capitalization of 10.06 B. Henry Schein retains regular Real Value of $69.83 per share. The prevalent price of the corporation is $68.68. At this time the corporation appears to be fairly valued. This module calculates value of Henry Schein from evaluating the corporation fundamentals such as Return On Equity of 0.17 , Current Valuation of 12.04 B and Return On Asset of 0.06  as well as inspecting its technical indicators and Probability Of Bankruptcy. In general, we encourage to acquire undervalued assets and to sell overvalued assets since at some point stocks prices and their ongoing real values will come together.

Danaher Corporation (DHR)

The company has Net Profit Margin of 12.13 % which may imply that it executes well on its competitive polices and has a good control over its expenditures and variable costs. This is very large. In the same way, it shows Net Operating Margin of 23.76 % which entails that for every 100 dollars of revenue it generated 0.24 of operating income. The entity currently falls under 'Mega-Cap' category with total capitalization of 105.97 B.
Total Debt

Edwards Lifesciences Corporatio (EW)

The company has Net Profit Margin (PM) of 0.17 % which suggests that even a small decline in it sales will erase profits and may result in a net loss, or a negative profit margin. This is way below average. Likewise, it shows Net Operating Margin (NOM) of 30.73 % which signify that for every $100 of sales it has a net operating income of 0.31. The firm currently falls under 'Large-Cap' category with market capitalization of 44.74 B. Edwards Lifesciences shows prevailing Real Value of $237.31 per share. The current price of the firm is $234.29. At this time the firm appears to be fairly valued. This module computes value of Edwards Lifesciences from reviewing the firm fundamentals such as Shares Outstanding of 207.97 M, Current Valuation of 45.04 B and Profit Margin of 0.17  as well as analyzing its technical indicators and Probability Of Bankruptcy. In general, we advise to go long with undervalued instruments and to sell out overvalued instruments since at some point assets prices and their ongoing real values will submerge. Edwards Lifesciences competes with Second Sight, ENCISION INC, Establishment Labs, ESCALON MEDICAL, Dynatronics, EDAP TMS, Electromed, and Digirad. Edwards Lifesciences Corporation provides products and technologies for structural heart disease and critical care monitoring in the United States and internationally. Edwards Lifesciences Corporation was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Irvine, California. Edwards Lifesciences operates under Medical Devices classification in USA and is traded on BATS Exchange. It employs 12800 people.

Current 3 Healthcare Recommendations

VolatilityHypeValuationAnalyst ConsensusFinancial LeverageOdds of DistressMacroaxis Advice
Not Suitable
Not Suitable
Not Available

Competition Technical Indicators

At Risk
 2.97 (0.01) (0.01)  0.04  3.55 (0.0049) (3.67)  7.51 (5.89)  22.36 
 1.93  0.39  0.06  1.11  2.28  0.1 (4.64)  7.87 (6.58)  25.00 
 1.78  0.61  0.16 (0.95)  1.56  0.21 (2.88)  4.91 (3.72)  11.80 
 9.18  1.27  0.06 (0.40)  10.90  0.07 (16.09)  30.65 (22.78)  97.23 
 1.13  0.01  0.00  0.06  1.37  0.0002 (1.19)  2.87 (2.18)  6.72 
 2.67 (0.77)  0.00  0.79  0.00 (0.24)  0.00  5.24 (6.98)  20.65 
 2.41  0.43  0.12 (12.89)  2.62  0.12 (2.69)  5.00 (4.04)  14.92 
 2.74  0.70  0.17  2.49  3.14  0.13 (3.14)  6.46 (3.85)  45.72 
 50.92  21.77  0.39 (0.44)  32.33  0.24 (87.83)  177.78 (68.24)  489.39 
 3.56 (0.65)  0.00 (1.05)  0.00 (0.14)  0.00  7.20 (6.71)  26.63 

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