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By Rich Kambak

December 11, 2016

Monetary permahawkery, is what New York Times columnist Paul Krugman calls ZERO HEDGE.  The fictitious author of Zero Hedge, Tyler Durden, is a pseudonym; used by Zero Hedge founder (2009) Daniel Ivandjiiski has provided permission to over 40 editorial financial news writers.   The tactic of using Durden as a non-de plume provides a firewall for whistle blowing on mainstream financial media and moreover, protection from malicious hacking - a well-known tactic used to silence outspoken journalists.


Ivandjiiski is accused of being "anti-establishment" by CNNMoney, a televised program that have a $6 billion a year revenue and yet, I for one, have never seen the hosts interview a viewer who became a millionaire investor by watching their program. Accredited for being conspiratorial, Ivandjiiski did earn high-brow recognition for his successful exposure of  "...persistent investigator report,” turned the infamously unregulated high-frequency trading "into a big political issue."  Even more so, a negative report regarding Bank of America's business practices in December 2012, brought about threats of termination of BOA employees, or more simply just "blocked" the site on the bank's computer system.

Zero Hedge is a globally read blog; depicting editorial opinions that confront the authenticity of mainstream financial reportage.

Bloomberg Markets noted in 2016 that since its founding in the middle of the financial crisis, Zero Hedge has grown from a blog to an Internet powerhouse. It was noted that in less than a year, Quantcast reported that Zero Hedge had attracted over 333,000 visitors to the site. Often distrustful of the 'establishment' and almost always bearish, it's known for a pessimistic worldview. Posts entitled 'Stocks Are In a Far More Precarious State Than Was Ever Truly Believed Possible' and 'America's Entitled (And Doomed) Upper Middle Class' are not uncommon." (Wikipedia: Zero Hedge). The protagonist author, Durden, could be defined as a disgruntled editor and adversary of the financial markets; yet
his pessimistic view has accredited Ivandjiiski the Durden's portrayal is highly controversial given that the creator and founder Daniel Ivandjiiski was accused of "insider trading" - the decisive conclusion of an investigation by FINRA in 2008, based on evidence of insider trading. In the vein of the fictitious character created by the author of Fight Club, the Zero Hedge character parallels a Wall Street hybrid. Ivandjiiski read Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club, where somewhere between the lines, he is determined to provide a false identity for other's who have been put in similar situations - caught within the untrustworthy confines of the Wall Street fortress; then one day suddenly wakes up to find their true identity, labeled as an anarchist set out to bedeviled Wall Street's dubious secrets of graff and blatant lying to client's. An example is exploiting "active management fund" investments, by rebalancing the fund just to charge more fees to the client.


Caveat: The comments expressed in this article are solely those of the author.

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