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By Achuva Shats
In this post I will go over different drivers effecting ST Bancorp products and services and how it may effect ST Bancorp investors. Macroaxis considers ST Bancorp to be not too volatile. ST Bancorp retains Efficiency (Sharpe Ratio) of -0.0326 which indicates ST Bancorp had -0.0326% of return per unit of price deviation over the last 1 month. Macroaxis approach towards measuring risk of any stock is to look at both systematic and un-systematic factors of the business, including all available market data and technical indicators. ST Bancorp exposes twenty-eight different technical indicators which can help you to evaluate volatility that cannot be diversified away. Please be advised to validate ST Bancorp Mean Deviation of 1.16 and Risk Adjusted Performance of (0.047492) to confirm risk estimate we provide.
Is ST Bancorp about to offer something new?

I believe ST Bancorp is overvalued at 37.917500000000004 per share with modest projections ahead. Macroaxis gives ST Bancorp performance score of 0 on a scale of 0 to 100. The entity owns Beta (Systematic Risk) of 0.2377 which indicates as returns on market increase, ST Bancorp returns are expected to increase less than the market. However during bear market, the loss on holding ST Bancorp will be expected to be smaller as well. . Even though it is essential to pay attention to ST Bancorp existing price patterns, it is always good to be careful when utilizing equity price patterns. Macroaxis approach towards measuring future performance of any stock is to check both, its past performance charts as well as the business as a whole, including all available technical indicators. ST Bancorp exposes twenty-eight different technical indicators which can help you to evaluate its performance. ST Bancorp has expected return of -0.0599%. Please be advised to validate ST Bancorp Sortino Ratio, Semi Variance and the relationship between Information Ratio and Value At Risk to decide if ST Bancorp past performance will be repeated at some future date.

ST Bancorp secures a total of thirty-five million ten thousand outstanding shares. Over half of ST Bancorp outstanding shares are owned by institutions. These institutions are typically referred to corporate investors that take positions in a given instrument to benefit from reduced trade commissions. Therefore, these institutions are subject to different rules and regulation than regular investors in ST Bancorp. Please watch out for any change in the institutional holdings of ST Bancorp as this could mean something significant has changed or about to change at the company. Please note that no matter how much assets the company retains, if the real value of the the company is less than the current market value, you may not be able to make money on it. ST Bancorp owns Mean Deviation of 1.16 and Risk Adjusted Performance of (0.047492). The small decline in market price for the last few months has created some momentum for investors as it was traded today as low as 38.91 and as high as 39.69 per share. The company directors and management did not add much value to ST Bancorp investors in December. However, diversifying your holdings with ST Bancorp or similar stocks can still protect your portfolio during high-volatility market scenarios. The stock standard deviation of daily returns for 30 days (very short) investing horizon is currently 1.8347. The below-average Stock volatility is a good sign for a longer term investment options and for buy-and-hold investors. ST Bancorp reports 2.38% five year return. ST Bancorp is selling for 39.69. This is 0.35 percent decrease. Started trading at 39.69. ST Bancorp Operating Income is Increasing over the last 5 years. The current value of ST Bancorp Operating Income is 94,549,363. ST Bancorp Return on Average Assets is Decreasing over the last 5 years. Furthermore, ST Bancorp Debt to Equity Ratio is increasing. However, the currently reported value of Debt to Equity Ratio (6.98) has decreased by 14.92 percent as compared to the last year.

 2013 2014 2015 2018
ST Bancorp Cash and Equivalents 108,356,000  109,580,000  99,399,000  89,459,100 
ST Bancorp Total Assets 4,533,190,000  4,964,686,000  6,318,354,000  5,686,518,600 

ST Bancorp Valuation

Enterprise Value

Purchase by Robert Kane of 1000 shares of ST Bancorp

ST Bancorp insider trading alert for perchase of common stock by Robert Kane, the corporate stakeholder, on November 15, 2018. This event was filed by St Bancorp Inc with SEC on 2018-11-15. Statement of changes in beneficial ownership - SEC Form 4 [view details]   

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