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By Nathan Young

Targets latest attempt to compete with Amazon is the acquisition of the grocery delivery company Shipt. This deal will cost $550 million and allow Target to ship food same day, which directly competes with Amazon and their acquisition of Whole Foods. Retail has been a difficult sector to pull profits from this year, but companies similar to Target have their grocery businesses to worry about as well. 2018 is when the service is scheduled to go live, but we’ll hear more in the coming weeks.

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Target Takes Aim at Amazon with Their Latest Acquisition

Not only does Target have to concern themselves with the food industry, the retail sector as a whole has underperformed. The holiday season is in full swing and many are optimistic about how this quarter will go. Target is sort of a double edged sword given their market exposure.

In 2015, revenue was clocked at $72.61B and in 2017, there was a decline to $69.49B. However, EBITDA has increase from $6.3B to $6.67B during the respective date ranges. This indicates that the company is holding steady despite pressure from a shift in retail purchasing. For comparison, look at companies such as Walmart because they are competing in the same space. PE ratios are a place to start and dig deeper from there.  

Some reasons to be hesitant going forward would in fact be the macroeconomic issues in retail. People are shifting from brick and mortar to online purchasing and this will be a test for companies. Target is stepping up their online presence and doing so with force, given their latest acquisition. It may not be a pure online play but people will need to go online to set up the order.  

Competing with Amazon is going to be difficult but Target is ready for the fight. The key will be how to facilitate this in locations that are outside of major cities. Maybe this will never happen or maybe it will happen with time. Some things to watch for in the near future include the annual report and Q4 report, as these will give some indications on what management expects going forward. All in all, Target seems steady and is standing their ground given the latest market activities.

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