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By Nathan Young

Technology is an essential part of our lives and effects how we communicate today. There are a few steady and widely used social media outlets and Twitter is one of them. Twitter has a simple platform that allows users to post small media posts that are limited to 144 characters. As people shift their attention between the different platforms, Twitter has to find a way to continue enticing people to return.

Twitter Continues to Battle for Their Market Share as Tech Is Growing Exponentially

With the addition of Snap to the market, we can see that the market is decisive in what they like, and right now it appears to be Facebook and for good reasons. As for Twitter, this does not mean it is done and out of the race, but rather it needs to step up their game and begin to compete with these companies. First, you should jump into the numbers or the latest conference call to see how investors and management are talking.

Once you have covered your bases, begin looking at what is lacking in Twitter that others current excel in. The first that comes to mind is advertising, and Facebook is currently dominating that market in terms of social media. Twitter has the ability to spread information but it moves so quickly within feeds, where as with Facebook it can stick a little longer.

Secondly, the user base and age demographics can be a contributing factor as to why Twitter may be slowing compared to others. Everyone uses Facebook, old or young, male or female, Facebook attracts all. Twitter on the other hand may not be for everyone and seems to have a small target audience.

Lastly, you have to prove that there is value in Twitter and find a solid entry point to allow yourself the ability to gain on a growing company. Figure out if the company is trading at a discount or premium and go from there. Value is important when looking at companies because some may be over valued or over bought and that mean you could be paying more than you should for shares of the company.

Twitter is here to stay for the short term, but it will be interesting to see if it can continue going forward when it has to compete against these other companies. If it can evolve and grow, it has a real shot at continuing to be one of the main ways we consume our social media feeds.

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Sale by Evan Williams of 5500 shares of Twitter

Twitter insider trading alert for sale of common stock by Evan Williams, the corporate stakeholder, on November 19, 2019. This event was filed by Twitter Inc with SEC on 2015-02-27. Statement of changes in beneficial ownership - SEC Form 4 [view details]   

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