Love Biking? You Might Also Love to Check These Bike Stocks

If you are into biking or are a bike enthusiast, you might also want to consider investing in bike stocks. Read this article to learn more. 


Published over a month ago
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With increased sales during the Corona pandemic, bike sales increased by nearly 30% in late 2020. Additionally, with worldwide fuel price hikes, biking has become a more viable option for commuting. Due to the increase in biking activities since the pandemic, the demand for bikes has evidently risen as well. So, if you love biking, here is where bike stocks play their part in this expanding industry.


Why Investing in Bike Stocks?

Bikes were introduced in the 19th century and were considered a principal means of transportation in many parts of the world. Over the years, biking has become a means of sports and a safe and pollution-free alternative to a better environment. 

There are different types of bikes used for various purposes. For example, road bikes are designed for competitive cycling on racing tracks, mountain bikes for cross-country trains and downhills, and rigid bikes for on-pavement and commuting.

Based on your liking, an investment in bike stocks can be beneficial as this industry is growing quickly.

Since major bicycle brands are subsidiaries of the larger manufacturing chains of companies, direct investment in these bike stocks is somewhat tricky.

However, few stocks are available to take advantage of based on their industry growth and activities over the years.

1. Fox Factory Holding Corp (FOXF)

FOXF manufactures various suspension systems for the best road bikes, mountain bikes, and e-bikes. They also make bike groupsets components for top-tier bike brands. Their market capitalization is $4.7 billion.

They reported a 14% year-over-year net sales increase to $184.40 million by the end of the first quarter of 2020. By raising a hefty amount of capital and issuing some 2.4 million common stock, FOXF is being recognized worldwide for its bike business reputation.

2. Shimano (SMNNY)

With a market capitalization of $16 billion, this Japanese conglomerate is a common name for bike components worldwide. From bike gears to groupset components (shifter, bottom bracket, crankset, chain, cassette, front and back derailleurs), Shimano is a household name in the biking industry. 

Post-pandemic, the Company's sales have been paced up due to its product reliability and affordability, making them an ideal investment for bike stocks.

The recent August 2022 Shimano stock forecast predicts it has, on average, risen (historically) by 12.8% compared to the last nine years of stock performance. 

3. Bird (BRDS)

Bird Global Inc. is an electric transportation option for short distances, which is famous for its e-bikes and e-scooters sharing vehicles. They have a market capitalization of $188.24 million and are the pioneers of the phrase 'micro-mobility.' 

Investing in their electric bike stocks could be profitable once the service rolls out in more cities in the U.S. They can be a perfect contender for electric bike stocks.

4. Vista Outdoor (VSTO)

Vista Outdoor Inc. designs and manufactures sporting and outdoor recreation products, namely cycle accessories and e-bike components. They have a market capitalization of $1.76 billion. 

Before the pandemic, they struggled with their products' pace; however, their indoor bike demands have been worldwide recognized post-pandemic. Moreover, with the recent increase in fuel prices, they have greatly benefitted, proving VSTO stock a profitable investment. 

5. Accell Group (ACGPF)

Accell Group N.V. is a Netherland-based bicycle company. They own renowned bicycle brands like Ghost, Sparta, Raleigh, Torker, and many more. 

This Company sells about 1.1 million bikes a year, mostly in American and European Markets. They are well regarded for manufacturing the best downhill and cross-country rigid trail bikes.

With a market capitalization of $1.7 billion, investing in Accell stock could be beneficial as they are more focused on ongoing trends like short-distance travel and e-bike-sharing platforms.


6. Uber

A well-known worldwide name, Uber, had gone through a rough patch during the lockdown phase. However, after success with Uber Eats Delivery Service, they have ventured into new opportunities and expansions.

Investing in Uber makes sense if you are into e-bikes, as they already provide electric bike rentals. In addition, they had previously owned Jump Bikes and took a 31% ownership in Lime stake.

7. Lyft

Lyft could be another one of your investments in electric bike stocks. But in the upper race, Uber has risen ahead of Lyft. But Lyft's bike-sharing platform is new compared to that of Uber, and they are rapidly expanding. 

In April 2022, they announced an agreement stating they would acquire PBSC Urban Solutions, a Canadian bike sharing system equipment vendor. This could build credibility for the Company and has a turnaround chance to prove it’s worth in the industry.

8. Halfords Group (HLFDY)

Halfords Group Plc is known for its cycling products and services. This Company was in the limelight during the pandemic days for its business growth and record sales report in 2021.

This Company launched Carrera, their e-bike and e-scooter brand, and brought various offerings in cycling and motoring units for the enthusiasts.

They have a market capitalization of $906 million.

9. Giant Group Ltd. (GGLT)

Giant makes an exceptional range of mountain bikes. They are well known for their complexity and sturdiness for professional bikers. If you are into the world of mountain biking, then this is a solid indication to invest in the Company's stock today.

Giant Groups holds a market capitalization of $6.13 million. The Company has a consistent rise in the market stock worth in a year, which clearly states that investment in the Company's stock will be profitable in the longer run.


If you give it some time, investing in bike stocks could be the best choice. Of course, the booming sales of bikes are unlikely to continue in the days ahead, and you must also know biking stocks are not immune to risks. Nevertheless, investing in them could be a boost for a possible growth theme.

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