General Electric PPandE Turnover vs Operating Margin Analysis

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General Electric financial indicator trend analysis is much more than just examining General Electric latest accounting drivers to predict future trends. We encourage investors to analyze account correlations over time for multiple indicators to determine whether General Electric is a good investment. Please check the relationship between General Electric PPandE Turnover and its Operating Margin accounts. Please also check Risk vs Return Analysis.

PPandE Turnover vs Operating Margin

Accounts Relationship

PPandE Turnover vs Operating Margin

Significance: Significant Contrarian Relationship

PPandE Turnover diversification synergy
Overlapping area represents amount of trend that can be explained by analyzing historical patterns of General Electric PPandE Turnover account and Operating Margin

Correlation Coefficient

Relationship DirectionNegative 
Relationship StrengthInsignificant

PPandE Turnover

Operating Margin