Lamb Weston Inventories vs Accounts Payable Analysis

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Lamb Weston financial indicator trend analysis is infinitely more than just investigating Lamb Weston Holdings recent accounting drivers to predict future trends. We encourage investors to analyze account correlations over time for multiple indicators to determine whether Lamb Weston Holdings is a good investment. Please check the relationship between Lamb Weston Inventories and its Accounts Payable accounts. Please see also Stocks Correlation.

Inventories vs Accounts Payable

Accounts Relationship

Inventories vs Accounts Payable

Significance: Pay attention

Inventories diversification synergy
Overlapping area represents amount of trend that can be explained by analyzing historical patterns of Lamb Weston Holdings Inventories account and Accounts Payable

Correlation Coefficient

Relationship DirectionNegative 
Relationship StrengthStrong


Accounts Payable

An accounting item on the balance sheet that represents Lamb Weston obligation to pay off a short-term debt to its creditors. The accounts payable entry is usually reported under current liabilities. If accounts payable of Lamb Weston Holdings are not paid within the agreed terms, the payables are considered to be in default, which may trigger a penalty or interest payment, or the revocation of additional credit from the supplier. Accounts payable may also be considered a source of cash, since they represent funds being borrowed from suppliers. Given these cash flow considerations, suppliers have a natural inclination to push for shorter payment terms, while creditors want to lengthen the payment terms.