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Investors can use this prediction interface to forecast Facebook historic prices and determine the direction of Facebook future trends based on various well-known forecasting models. However looking at historical price movement exclusively is usually misleading. Macroaxis recommends to always use this module together with analysis of Facebook historical fundamentals such as revenue growth or operating cash flow patterns. Although naive historical forecasting may sometimes provide an important future outlook for the firm we recommend to always cross-verify it against solid analysis of Facebook systematic risks associated with finding meaningful patterns of Facebook fundamentals over time. Additionally see Historical Fundamental Analysis of Facebook to cross-verify your projections.
On October 10, 2019 Facebook had Day Typical Price of 180.27. Typical Price is calculated as arithmetic average of the high, low and closing price for a given trading period.
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Facebook Trading Date Momentum

On October 11 2019 Facebook was traded for  184.19  at the closing time. The highest price during the trading period was 186.49  and the lowest recorded bid was listed for  182.14 . The volume for the day was 14.9 M. This history from October 11, 2019 contributed to the next trading day price increase. The overall trading delta to the next closing price was 2.31% . The overall trading delta to the current price is 2.09% .
The period considered in calculating typical price is a single trading day, however the typical price can also be applied to other time spans such as a week, month or year.
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