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Investors can use this prediction interface to forecast Invesco Municipal historic prices and determine the direction of Invesco Municipal Income Fund C future trends based on various well-known forecasting models. However looking at historical price movement exclusively is usually misleading. Macroaxis recommends to always use this module together with analysis of Invesco Municipal historical fundamentals such as revenue growth or operating cash flow patterns. Also please take a look at Historical Fundamental Analysis of Invesco Municipal to cross-verify your projections.
On August 21, 2019 Invesco Municipal Income Fund C had Price Action Indicator of (0.06). Price Action indicator evaluates an asset for a given trading period using the following formula: ((close - open) + (close - high) + (close - low)) / 2. This indicator is consistent with the interpretation of Japanese candlestick patterns.
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Invesco Municipal Trading Date Momentum

On August 22 2019 Invesco Municipal Income Fund C was traded for  13.62  at the closing time. The highest daily price throughout the period was 13.66  and the lowest price was  13.66 . There was no trading activity during the period 1.0. Lack of trading volume on 08/22/2019 added to the next day price reduction. The trading price change to closing price of the next trading day was 0.07% . The trading delta at closing time to current closing price is 0.29% .
Price Action Indicator (or PAIN) was developed by Michael B. Geraty and published in 'Futures' magazine in August 1997.
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