Agilent Technologies Mean Deviation

Agilent Technologies Inc has current Mean Deviation of 1.31. The mean deviation of equity instrument is the first measure of the distances between each value of security historical prices and the mean. It gives us an idea of how spread out from the center the destribution of returns.
Agilent Technologies 
Mean Deviation 
SUM =   Summation notation
RET DEV =   Sum of return deviations of Agilent Technologies
N =   Number of calculation points for selected time horizon

Mean Deviation Comparison

Agilent Technologies Inc is rated below average in mean deviation category among related companies. It is rated below average in maximum drawdown category among related companies reporting about  4.60  of Maximum Drawdown per Mean Deviation. The ratio of Maximum Drawdown to Mean Deviation for Agilent Technologies Inc is roughly  4.60 
Mean Deviation is the average of the absolute values of the differences between price distribution numbers and their mean. Mean deviation of equity instrument with a lot of historical data is a biased estimator because the time horizon used in calculation will always be much smaller than the entire price history of the equity. The mean deviation is typically used as a measure of dispersion for small investment horizon, otherwise standard deviation is a better measure of dispersion.
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NameAgilent Technologies Inc
InstrumentUSA Stock
RegionNorth America
ExchangeNew York Stock Exchange
CIK Number0001090872
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CurrencyUSD - US Dollar