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Examine Rezolute Stock

Researching Rezolute's stock involves analyzing various aspects of the company and its industry to make an informed investment decision. The key areas to focus on are fundamentals, business model and competitive advantage. It is also important to analyze trends in revenue, net income, and cash flow, as well as key financial ratios, such as price-to-earnings (P/E), price-to-sales (P/S), and debt-to-equity (D/E). About 20.0% of the company outstanding shares are owned by corporate insiders. The company has price-to-book ratio of 1.17. Typically companies with comparable Price to Book (P/B) are able to outperform the market in the long run. Rezolute recorded a loss per share of 1.14. The entity last dividend was issued on the 13th of October 2020. The firm had 1:50 split on the 13th of October 2020.
To determine if Rezolute is a good investment, evaluating the company's potential for future growth is also very important. This may include expanding into new markets, launching new products or services, or improving operational efficiency. Companies with strong growth prospects can be more attractive investments. This aspect of the research should be conducted in the context of the overall market and industry in which the company operates and should include an analysis of growth potential, competitive landscape, and any regulatory or economic factors that could impact the business. Some of the essential points regarding Rezolute's research are outlined below:
Rezolute is not yet fully synchronised with the market data
Rezolute is way too risky over 90 days horizon
Rezolute appears to be risky and price may revert if volatility continues
Net Loss for the year was (51.79 M) with profit before overhead, payroll, taxes, and interest of 0.
Rezolute currently holds about 150.41 M in cash with (44.48 M) of positive cash flow from operations. This results in cash-per-share (CPS) ratio of 3.87.
Rezolute has a frail financial position based on the latest SEC disclosures
Roughly 68.0% of the company shares are owned by institutional investors
Latest headline from Rezolute Coverage Initiated by Analysts at Craig Hallum - Defense World

Rezolute Quarterly Accounts Payable

3.5 Million

Rezolute uses earnings reports to provide investors with an update of all three financial statements, including the income statement, the balance sheet, and the cash flow statement. Therefore, it is also crucial when considering investing in Rezolute. Every quarterly earnings report provides investors with an overview of sales, expenses, and net income for the most recent period. It also may provide a comparison to Rezolute's previous reporting period. The quarterly earnings reports are usually disseminated to the public via Form 10-Q, which is a legal document filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission every quarter.
9th of February 2024
Upcoming Quarterly Report
9th of May 2024
Next Financial Report
31st of December 2023
Next Fiscal Quarter End
12th of September 2024
Next Fiscal Year End
30th of September 2023
Last Quarter Report
30th of June 2023
Last Financial Announcement
Earnings surprises can significantly impact Rezolute's stock price both in the short term and over time. Negative earnings surprises usually result in a price decline. However, it has been seen that positive earnings surprises lead to an immediate rise in a stock's price and a gradual increase over time. This is why we often hear news about some companies beating earning projections. Financial analysts spend a large amount of time predicting earnings per share (EPS) along with other important future indicators. Many analysts use forecasting models, management guidance, and additional fundamental information to derive an EPS estimate. Below are the table of largest EPS Surprises Rezolute's investors have experienced.
Fiscal Date
Estimated EPS
Reported EPS

Know Rezolute's Top Institutional Investors

Have you ever been surprised when a price of an equity instrument such as Rezolute is soaring high without any particular reason? This is usually happening because many institutional investors are aggressively trading Rezolute backward and forwards among themselves. Rezolute's institutional investor refers to the entity that pools money to purchase Rezolute's securities or originate loans. Institutional investors include commercial and private banks, credit unions, insurance companies, pension funds, hedge funds, endowments, and mutual funds. Operating companies that invest excess capital in these types of assets may also be included in the term and may influence corporate governance by exercising voting rights in their investments.
Blackrock Inc2024-03-31
354.9 K
Geode Capital Management, Llc2024-03-31
337.2 K
Renaissance Technologies Corp2024-03-31
330.1 K
Rosalind Advisors, Inc.2024-03-31
200 K
Bvf Inc2024-03-31
190.8 K
Silverarc Capital Management, Llc2024-03-31
152 K
Stonepine Capital Management Llc2024-03-31
121.5 K
Acadian Asset Management Llc2024-03-31
90.3 K
Northern Trust Corp2024-03-31
67.2 K
Federated Hermes Inc2024-03-31
10.2 M
Nantahala Capital Management, Llc2024-03-31
Note, although Rezolute's institutional investors appear to be way more sophisticated than retail investors, it remains unclear if professional active investment managers can reliably enhance risk-adjusted returns by an amount that exceeds fees and expenses.

Rezolute's market capitalization trends

The company currently falls under 'Small-Cap' category with a current market capitalization of 158.53 M.

Market Cap

24.86 Million

Rezolute's profitablity analysis

Last ReportedProjected for Next Year
Return On Tangible Assets(0.38)(0.40)
Return On Capital Employed(0.54)(0.52)
Return On Assets(0.38)(0.40)
Return On Equity(0.51)(0.54)
Determining Rezolute's profitability involves analyzing its financial statements and using various financial metrics to determine if Rezolute is a good buy. For example, gross profit margin measures Rezolute's profitability after accounting for the cost of goods sold, while net profit margin measures profitability after accounting for all expenses. Other important metrics include return on assets, return on equity, and free cash flow. By reviewing multiple sources and metrics, you can gain a complete picture of Rezolute's profitability and make more informed investment decisions.
The data published in Rezolute's official financial statements typically reflect Rezolute's business processes, product offerings, services, and other fundamental events. However, there are additional fundamental indicators that are easier to understand and visualize along the underlying realities that are driving Rezolute's quantitative information. For example, before you start analyzing numbers published by Rezolute accountants, it’s essential to understand Rezolute's liquidity, profitability, and earnings quality within the context of the Biotechnology space in which it operates.
Please note, the imprecision that can be found in Rezolute's accounting process means that the reasonable investor should take a skeptical approach toward the financial statement analysis of Rezolute. Check Rezolute's Beneish M Score to see the likelihood of Rezolute's management manipulating its earnings.

Evaluate Rezolute's management efficiency

Rezolute has return on total asset (ROA) of (0.3467) % which means that it has lost $0.3467 on every $100 spent on assets. This is way below average. Similarly, it shows a return on stockholder's equity (ROE) of (0.5875) %, meaning that it created substantial loss on money invested by shareholders. Rezolute's management efficiency ratios could be used to measure how well Rezolute manages its routine affairs as well as how well it operates its assets and liabilities. Return On Tangible Assets is likely to drop to -0.4 in 2024. Return On Capital Employed is likely to gain to -0.52 in 2024. At this time, Rezolute's Liabilities And Stockholders Equity is comparatively stable compared to the past year. Change To Liabilities is likely to gain to about 2.6 M in 2024, whereas Total Current Liabilities is likely to drop slightly above 3.6 M in 2024.
Last ReportedProjected for Next Year
Book Value Per Share 2.04  1.94 
Tangible Book Value Per Share 2.04  1.94 
Enterprise Value Over EBITDA(1.53)(1.60)
Price Book Value Ratio 0.79  0.82 
Enterprise Value Multiple(1.53)(1.60)
Price Fair Value 0.79  0.82 
Enterprise Value19.8 M26.7 M
The analysis of Rezolute's management efficiency is an essential part of evaluating and assessing the financial and operational performance of the entity. It is also vital to analyze Rezolute's future growth prospects and the overall market conditions to determine the value and potential of its stock. The analysis involves studying a range of financial metrics such as revenue, earnings, profit margins, cash flow, debt, market share, and external factors such as economic trends, industry outlook, competition, and government regulations. The goal of Rezolute Stock analysis is to determine whether it is undervalued, fairly valued, or overvalued and to make informed investment decisions.

Rezolute's insider trading activities

Some recent studies suggest that insider trading raises the cost of capital for securities issuers and decreases overall economic growth. Trading by specific Rezolute insiders, such as employees or executives, is commonly permitted as long as it does not rely on Rezolute's material information that is not in the public domain. Local jurisdictions usually require such trading to be reported in order to monitor insider transactions. In many U.S. states, trading conducted by corporate officers, key employees, directors, or significant shareholders must be reported to the regulator or publicly disclosed, usually within a few business days of the trade. In these cases Rezolute insiders are required to file a Form 4 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) when buying or selling shares of their own companies.

Understand Rezolute's technical and predictive indicators

Using predictive indicators to make investment decisions involves analyzing Rezolute's various financial and market-based factors to help forecast future trends and identify investment opportunities. Select the indicators that are most relevant to your investment strategy. Each indicator has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it's essential to combine multiple indicators to get a more comprehensive view of the market and reduce the risk of making poor decisions based on limited data.

Consider Rezolute's intraday indicators

Rezolute intraday indicators are useful technical analysis tools used by many experienced traders. Just like the conventional technical analysis, daily indicators help intraday investors to analyze the price movement with the timing of Rezolute stock daily movement. By combining multiple daily indicators into a single trading strategy, you can limit your risk while still earning strong returns on your managed positions.

Rezolute Corporate Filings

14th of June 2024
The report filed by a party regarding the acquisition or disposition of a company's common stock, as well as derivative securities such as options, warrants, and convertible securities
13th of June 2024
Other Reports
24th of May 2024
Report filed with the SEC to announce major events that shareholders should know about
15th of April 2024
Other Reports

Rezolute Stock media impact

Far too much social signal, news, headlines, and media speculation about Rezolute that are available to investors today. That information is available publicly through Rezolute media outlets and privately through word of mouth or via Rezolute internal channels. However, regardless of the origin, that massive amount of Rezolute data is challenging to quantify into actionable patterns, especially for investors that are not very sophisticated with ever-evolving tools and techniques used in the investment management field.
A primary focus of Rezolute news analysis is to determine if its current price reflects all relevant headlines and social signals impacting the current market conditions. A news analyst typically looks at the history of Rezolute relative headlines and hype rather than examining external drivers such as technical or fundamental data. It is believed that price action tends to repeat itself due to investors' collective, patterned thinking related to Rezolute's headlines and news coverage data. This data is often completely overlooked or insufficiently analyzed for actionable insights to drive Rezolute alpha.

Rezolute Sentiment by Major News Outlets

Investor sentiment, mood or attitude towards Rezolute can have a significant impact on its stock price or the market as a whole. This sentiment can be positive or negative, and various factors, such as economic indicators, news events, or market trends, can influence it. When investor sentiment is positive, investors are more likely to buy stocks, increasing demand and increasing the stock price. Positive investor sentiment can be driven by good news about the company or the broader market, such as solid earnings reports or positive economic data.
Note that negative investor sentiment can cause investors to sell stocks, leading to a decrease in demand and a drop in the stock price. Negative sentiment can be driven by factors such as poor earnings reports, negative news about the company or industry, or broader economic concerns. It's important to note that investor sentiment is just one of many factors that can affect stock prices. Other factors, such as company performance, industry trends, and global economic conditions, can also play a significant role in determining the value of a stock.

Rezolute Related Equities

One of the popular trading techniques among algorithmic traders is to use market-neutral strategies where every trade hedges away some risk. Because there are two separate transactions required, even if one position performs unexpectedly, the other equity can make up some of the losses. Below are some of the equities that can be combined with Rezolute stock to make a market-neutral strategy. Peer analysis of Rezolute could also be used in its relative valuation, which is a method of valuing Rezolute by comparing valuation metrics with similar companies.
 Risk & Return  Correlation

Rezolute Corporate Management

Raj MDVP DevelopmentProfile
Michael DeperroSenior DevelopmentProfile
LLM JDChief OfficerProfile
Gopal MBBSSenior DevelopmentProfile
MD MBADirector AffairsProfile
Daron EvansChief OfficerProfile
Erin OBoyleSenior OperationsProfile

Additional Tools for Rezolute Stock Analysis

When running Rezolute's price analysis, check to measure Rezolute's market volatility, profitability, liquidity, solvency, efficiency, growth potential, financial leverage, and other vital indicators. We have many different tools that can be utilized to determine how healthy Rezolute is operating at the current time. Most of Rezolute's value examination focuses on studying past and present price action to predict the probability of Rezolute's future price movements. You can analyze the entity against its peers and the financial market as a whole to determine factors that move Rezolute's price. Additionally, you may evaluate how the addition of Rezolute to your portfolios can decrease your overall portfolio volatility.