Representative Ro Khanna Stocks

On April 5, 2024, Representative Ro Khanna of US Congress acquired under $15k worth of Carnival's common stock. Such disclosures are part of transparency measures that require elected officials to report their investments, ensuring public awareness and preventing conflicts of interest. Below are 30 other transactions of Ro Khanna.
2024-04-05Acquired Under $15KCCL CarnivalInsidersVerify
2024-03-06Acquired Under $15KANSS ANSYS IncInsidersVerify
2024-02-05Acquired Under $15KCHTR Charter CommunicationsInsidersVerify
2023-12-06Acquired Under $15KAXP American ExpressInsidersVerify
2023-11-08Acquired Under $15KAXP American ExpressInsidersVerify
2023-10-06Acquired $15K to $50KMCD McDonaldsInsidersVerify
2023-09-06Acquired Under $15KMCD McDonaldsInsidersVerify
2023-08-07Acquired $15K to $50KAXP American ExpressInsidersVerify
2023-07-11Acquired $15K to $50KMCD McDonaldsInsidersVerify
2023-06-12Acquired Under $15KAXP American ExpressInsidersVerify
2023-05-08Acquired Under $15KTRV The Travelers CompaniesInsidersVerify
2023-04-07Acquired Under $15KAXP American ExpressInsidersVerify
2023-03-08Acquired $15K to $50KMCD McDonaldsInsidersVerify
2023-02-07Acquired $15K to $50KMCD McDonaldsInsidersVerify
2023-01-03Acquired $15K to $50KMCD McDonaldsInsidersVerify
2022-12-06Acquired Under $15KAXP American ExpressInsidersVerify
2022-11-10Acquired Under $15KCAT CaterpillarInsidersVerify
2022-10-07Acquired $15K to $50KAXP American ExpressInsidersVerify
2022-09-08Acquired Under $15KAXP American ExpressInsidersVerify
2022-08-09Acquired Under $15KAXP American ExpressInsidersVerify
2022-07-07Acquired $15K to $50KAXP American ExpressInsidersVerify
2022-06-10Acquired Under $15KAXP American ExpressInsidersVerify
2022-05-06Acquired $15K to $50KAXP American ExpressInsidersVerify
2022-04-07Acquired $15K to $50KPYPL PayPal HoldingsInsidersVerify
2022-03-08Acquired Under $15KAXP American ExpressInsidersVerify
2022-02-08Acquired Under $15KAXP American ExpressInsidersVerify
2021-07-13Acquired Under $15KMET MetLifeInsidersVerify
2021-04-16Acquired Under $15KKO Coca ColaInsidersVerify
2021-03-12Acquired Under $15KCAT CaterpillarInsidersVerify
2021-02-16Acquired Under $15KPYPL PayPal HoldingsInsidersVerify
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