Telecom Services Companies By Enterprise Value

Current Valuation
Current ValuationEfficiencyMarket RiskExp Return
405.14 B
398.5 B
3LBRDP Liberty Broadband Corp
8.91 B
4TDS-PU Telephone and Data
8.36 B
5TDS-PV Telephone and Data
8.25 B
The analysis above is based on a 90-day investment horizon and a default level of risk. Use the Portfolio Analyzer to fine-tune all your assumptions. Check your current assumptions here.
Enterprise Value is a firm valuation proxy that approximates the current market value of a company. It is typically used to determine the takeover or merger price of a firm. Unlike Market Cap, this measure takes into account the entire liquid asset, outstanding debt, and exotic equity instruments that the company has on its balance sheet. When a takeover occurs, the parent company will have to assume the target company's liabilities but will take possession of all cash and cash equivalents. Enterprise Value can be a useful tool to compare companies with different capital structures. Long term liability and current cash or cash equivalents can have a huge impact on market valuation of a given company.