Ethereum Valuation

ETH Crypto  USD 3,177  42.05  1.34%   
Ethereum shows a prevailing Real Value of $2519.43 per share. The current price of the entity is $3176.67. Our model computes the value of Ethereum from reviewing the entity technical indicators and probability of bankruptcy. In general, investors advise purchasing undervalued crypto coins and exiting overvalued crypto coins since, at some point, crypto coin prices and their ongoing real values will submerge.
Ethereum Valuation Module provides a unique way to ballpark how much the project is worth today. It is done using both, our quantitative analysis as well as its intrinsic market price estimation to project the real value.
Please note that Ethereum's price fluctuation is risky at this time. Calculation of the real value of Ethereum is based on 3 months time horizon. Increasing Ethereum's time horizon generally increases the accuracy of value calculation and significantly improves the predictive power of the methodology used.
Since Ethereum is currently traded on the exchange, buyers and sellers on that exchange determine the market value of Ethereum Crypto Coin. However, Ethereum's intrinsic value may or may not be the same as its current market price, in which case there is an opportunity to profit from the mispricing, assuming the market price will eventually merge with its intrinsic value.
Historical Market  3176.67 Real  2519.43 Hype  3126.62 Naive  3373.29
The real value of Ethereum Crypto Coin, also known as its intrinsic value, is the underlying worth of Ethereum Cryptocurrency, which is reflected in its stock price. It is based on Ethereum's financial performance, growth prospects, management team, or industry conditions. The intrinsic value of Ethereum's stock can be calculated using various methods such as discounted cash flow analysis, price-to-earnings ratio, or price-to-book ratio. That value may differ from its current market price, which is determined by supply and demand factors such as investor sentiment, market trends, or news.
Real Value
Estimating the potential upside or downside of Ethereum helps investors to forecast how Ethereum crypto coin's addition to their portfolios will impact the overall performance. We also use other valuation drivers to help us estimate the true value of Ethereum more accurately as focusing exclusively on Ethereum's fundamentals will not take into account other important factors:
Band Projection (param)
LowerMiddle BandUpper
LowNext ValueHigh

Ethereum Supply Analysis

Coin Takeover PriceCoin Market CapCoin SupplyCoins Mined
3.32 T3.32 T0.0120.2 M

Ethereum Price Momentum Patterns

The output start index for this execution was nineteen with a total number of output elements of fourty-two. The average directional index (ADX) measures the strength of a prevailing trend of Ethereum and whether movement exists in the market. The ADX is measured on a scale of 0 to 100. A low Ethereum ADX value usually indicates a non-trending market with low volumes, whereas a cross above 20 may indicate the start of a trend. If the ADX is over 40 and begins to fall, it can indicate the slowdown of a current trend. This indicator can also be used to identify non-trending markets, or a deterioration of an ongoing trend. Although market direction is important in its calculation, the ADX is not a directional indicator
Please note that valuation analysis is one of the essential comprehensive assessments in business. It evaluates Ethereum's worth, which you can determine by considering its current assets, liabilities and future cash flows. The investors' valuation analysis is an important metric that will give you a perspective on different companies. It helps you know the worth of the potential investment in Ethereum and how it compares across the competition.

About Ethereum Valuation

The crypto valuation mechanism determines Ethereum's current worth on a weekly basis. Our valuation model uses a comparative analysis of Ethereum. We calculate exposure to Ethereum's market risk, different technical and fundamental indicators, and relevant financial multiples and ratios and then compare them to those of Ethereum's related companies.

Additional Information and Resources on Investing in Ethereum Crypto Coin

When determining whether Ethereum offers a strong return on investment in its stock, a comprehensive analysis is essential. The process typically begins with a thorough review of Ethereum's financial statements, including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements, to assess its financial health. Key financial ratios are used to gauge profitability, efficiency, and growth potential of Ethereum Crypto.
Check out Investing Opportunities to better understand how to build diversified portfolios, which includes a position in Ethereum. Also, note that the market value of any cryptocurrency could be closely tied with the direction of predictive economic indicators such as signals in board of governors.
You can also try the Portfolio Suggestion module to get suggestions outside of your existing asset allocation including your own model portfolios.
Please note, there is a significant difference between Ethereum's coin value and its market price as these two are different measures arrived at by different means. Cryptocurrency investors typically determine Ethereum value by looking at such factors as its true mass adoption, usability, application, safety as well as its ability to resist fraud and manipulation. On the other hand, Ethereum's price is the amount at which it trades on the cryptocurrency exchange or other digital marketplace that truly represents its supply and demand.