USA ETF Categories

Dividend Quality EtfsView
Charles Schwab EtfsView
Little Harbor Advisors EtfsView
High Yield EtfsView
Absolute Investment Advisers EtfsView
Grayscale Advisors EtfsView
Congress Asset Management EtfsView
Broad Energy EtfsView
Aluminum EtfsView
Kraneshares EtfsView
Materials EtfsView
Planrock Investments EtfsView
Sp Funds EtfsView
Paralel Advisors EtfsView
Latin America EtfsView
Developed Markets Basket EtfsView
Asia-pacific EtfsView
Credit Suisse EtfsView
Elevate Shares EtfsView
Cornercap Wealth Advisors EtfsView
Graniteshares EtfsView
Preferred Securities EtfsView
Franklin Templeton Investments EtfsView
Dynamic Shares EtfsView
Obp Capital EtfsView
Preferred Stock EtfsView
Argent Capital EtfsView
Van Eck EtfsView
Ironhorse Capital EtfsView
X-square Capital EtfsView
Precious Metals EtfsView
Real Estate EtfsView
Broad Equity EtfsView
Alexis Investment Partners EtfsView
Broad Precious Metals EtfsView
Srn Advisors EtfsView
Distillate Capital Partners EtfsView
Impact Shares EtfsView
Democracy Investment Management EtfsView
Sei Investments Management EtfsView
Wheat EtfsView
Nuveen EtfsView
Gabelli Funds EtfsView
Macquarie EtfsView
Rayliant Asset Management EtfsView
Entrepreneurshares EtfsView
Growth EtfsView
Jacob Asset Management EtfsView
Mid Cap EtfsView
Global Macro EtfsView
Calamos Advisors Llc EtfsView
Wealthtrust Asset Management EtfsView
T. Rowe Price EtfsView
Ea Series Trust EtfsView
Bitwise Asset Management EtfsView
U.s. EtfsView
Indexiq EtfsView
Agf Investments EtfsView
Financials EtfsView
Agriculture EtfsView
Cryptocurrency EtfsView
Target Risk EtfsView
Renaissance Capital EtfsView
Natural Gas EtfsView
Information Technology EtfsView
Small Cap EtfsView
Harbor Capital Advisors EtfsView
Cambria EtfsView
Ridgeline Research Llc EtfsView
Proshares EtfsView
Bny Mellon Investment Management EtfsView
Amplify EtfsView
Pimco EtfsView
Teucrium EtfsView
Jpmorgan EtfsView
Vrdo EtfsView
Size And Style EtfsView
Victory Capital Management EtfsView
Faith Investor Services EtfsView
Capital Group EtfsView
Howard Capital Management EtfsView
Japanese Yen EtfsView
Put Write EtfsView
Sofi EtfsView
Agency Mbs EtfsView
The Future Fund EtfsView
Syntax EtfsView
Madison Asset Management EtfsView
Adaptive Investments EtfsView
Broad Debt EtfsView
Defiance EtfsView
Bondbloxx Investment Management EtfsView
Cavalier Investments EtfsView
Soybeans EtfsView
Texas Capital EtfsView
Inspire Investing EtfsView
Kingsbarn Capital Management EtfsView
Empowered Funds EtfsView
Motley Fool Asset Management EtfsView
North America EtfsView
Federated Investment Management EtfsView
Global EtfsView
Swan Capital Management EtfsView
Municipals EtfsView
Hoya Capital EtfsView
Vest EtfsView
Rareview Capital EtfsView
Neuberger Berman EtfsView
Infrastructure Capital Advisors EtfsView
Core Alternative Capital EtfsView
Gold EtfsView
Cultivar Capital EtfsView
Adasina Social Capital EtfsView
Beacon Capital EtfsView
Direxion EtfsView
Convertibles EtfsView
Global X EtfsView
Themes EtfsView
Cambiar Investors EtfsView
Kovitz Investment Group Partners EtfsView
Treasury EtfsView
Broad Industrials EtfsView
Canadian Dollar EtfsView
Exchange Traded Concepts EtfsView
Langar Investment EtfsView
Veridien Global Investors EtfsView
Silver EtfsView
Industrial Metals EtfsView
Columbia EtfsView
Soundwatch Capital EtfsView
Inflation-protected EtfsView
Fred Alger Management EtfsView
Hennessy Advisors EtfsView
Strategas Asset Management EtfsView
Doubleline EtfsView
Regents Park Funds EtfsView
Lyrical Asset Management EtfsView
Broad Market EtfsView
Barclays Capital EtfsView
Emerging Markets Basket EtfsView
Matthews International Capital Management EtfsView
Volatility EtfsView
Advisors Asset Management EtfsView
Corporate EtfsView
Broad Agriculture EtfsView
Innovator Capital Management EtfsView
Convergence Investment Partners EtfsView
Alpha Architect EtfsView
Procuream EtfsView
Broad Sovereign EtfsView
Nationwide EtfsView
Dimensional Fund Advisors EtfsView
Davis Advisors EtfsView
Developed Markets EtfsView
Broad Commodities EtfsView
Bank Of Montreal EtfsView
Knowledge Leaders Capital EtfsView
Alternative Currency EtfsView
Retireful EtfsView
Tuttle Capital Management EtfsView
Abrdn Etfs Advisors EtfsView
Alphamark Advisors EtfsView
Emerging Markets EtfsView
Invesco EtfsView
Victoryshares EtfsView
Thor Financial Technologies EtfsView
Toews Corp EtfsView
Sector EtfsView
Agencies EtfsView
Us Commodity Funds EtfsView
Strategy Shares EtfsView
Acquirers Fund EtfsView
Water Island Capital EtfsView
Brookstone Asset Management EtfsView
Gasoline EtfsView
Asset-backed EtfsView
Roundhill Investments EtfsView
Long/short EtfsView
Fidelity EtfsView
Loans EtfsView
Emerging Markets Ex-china EtfsView
Reflection Asset Management EtfsView
Build America Bonds EtfsView
Aris EtfsView
Cboe Vest Financial EtfsView
Investment Grade EtfsView
Timothy Plan EtfsView
High Dividend Yield EtfsView
Pacer Financial EtfsView
Beyond Investing EtfsView
Panagram EtfsView
Virtus EtfsView
Thrivent Asset Management EtfsView
Communication Services EtfsView
U.s. Government EtfsView
Vident Financial EtfsView
Tuttle Tactical Management EtfsView
Tips EtfsView
Build Asset Management EtfsView
Pmv Capital Advisers EtfsView
Dimensional Etf Trust EtfsView
Neos Investment Management EtfsView
Allianz Investment Management EtfsView
Euro EtfsView
Guinness Atkinson Asset Management EtfsView
Leuthold Group EtfsView
Target Outcome EtfsView
Main Management EtfsView
Clearshares EtfsView
Ssga EtfsView
Ggm Wealth Advisors EtfsView
Hypatia Capital Management EtfsView
First Pacific Advisors EtfsView
Deutsche Bank Ag London EtfsView
Grizzle Investment Management EtfsView
Humankind Investments EtfsView
Rex Advisers EtfsView
Clough Capital Partners EtfsView
Logan Capital Management EtfsView
Volatility Shares EtfsView
Miller Value Funds EtfsView
Arrow Investment Advisors EtfsView
Envestnet EtfsView
Energy EtfsView
Kurv Invest EtfsView
Us Global Investors EtfsView
Applied Finance Advisors EtfsView
The Brinsmere Funds EtfsView
Redwood Investment Management EtfsView
Horizon Kinetics Asset Management EtfsView
Zacks Investment Management EtfsView
Putnam Investments EtfsView
Vert Asset Management EtfsView
Formidable Asset Management EtfsView
Idx Advisors EtfsView
American Beacon Advisors EtfsView
Consumer Staples EtfsView
Bridges Capital EtfsView
Trajan Wealth EtfsView
Fcf Advisors EtfsView
Alps EtfsView
Tcw Investment Management Company EtfsView
Crude Oil EtfsView
Sovereign EtfsView
Gadsden EtfsView
Summit Global EtfsView
Hartford Funds EtfsView
Sprott EtfsView
Spreads EtfsView
Aberdeen Asset Management EtfsView
Theme EtfsView
Crossingbridge Advisors EtfsView
Broad Corporate EtfsView
Principal EtfsView
R3 Global EtfsView
Global Ex-u.s. EtfsView
Global Ex-china EtfsView
Liquid Strategies EtfsView
Distribution Cognizant EtfsView
Strive Asset Management EtfsView
Asset Allocation EtfsView
Strategic Services EtfsView
Sovereign's Capital Management EtfsView
Alliancebernstein EtfsView
Angel Oak Capital Advisors EtfsView
Single Stock EtfsView
Utilities EtfsView
Absolute Returns EtfsView
Swiss Franc EtfsView
Day Hagan Asset Management EtfsView
First Manhattan EtfsView
Advisorshares EtfsView
Brandes Investment Partners EtfsView
Castleark EtfsView
Pgim Investments EtfsView
Micro Cap EtfsView
Tortoise EtfsView
Copper EtfsView
Morgan Stanley EtfsView
Etf Managers Group EtfsView
Touchstone Investments EtfsView
First Trust EtfsView
Goose Hollow Capital Management EtfsView
Large Cap EtfsView
Europe EtfsView
Counterpoint Mutual Funds, Llc. EtfsView
Vegtech EtfsView
Palladium EtfsView
Kingsview Wealth Management EtfsView
Q3 Asset Management EtfsView
Wisdomtree EtfsView
Health Care EtfsView
Tidal Etf Services EtfsView
Simplify Asset Management EtfsView
Buywrite EtfsView
Industrials EtfsView
John Hancock EtfsView
Global Ex-north America EtfsView
Australian Dollar EtfsView
Cyber Hornet EtfsView
Truemark Investments EtfsView
Im Global Partner EtfsView
Stf Management EtfsView
Fairlead Strategies EtfsView
Wahed Invest EtfsView
Basket EtfsView
Ishares EtfsView
Broad Municipals EtfsView
Oneascent Investment Solutions EtfsView
Toroso Investments EtfsView
Janus Henderson EtfsView
Innovative Portfolios EtfsView
Natural Resources EtfsView
Developed Markets Ex-u.s. EtfsView
F/m Investments EtfsView
Arch Indices Advisors EtfsView
Tema Global EtfsView
Ballast Asset Management EtfsView
Merk Investments EtfsView
Platinum EtfsView
Optimize Advisors EtfsView
Point Bridge Capital EtfsView
Aptus Capital Advisors EtfsView
Sugar EtfsView
Pound Sterling EtfsView
One Capital Management EtfsView
Axs Investments EtfsView
Alpha-seeking EtfsView
Clockwise Capital EtfsView
Corn EtfsView
Spear Advisors EtfsView
Subversive Capital Advisor EtfsView
Consumer Discretionary EtfsView
Unconstrained EtfsView
Northern Trust EtfsView
Drivewealth EtfsView
Valkyrie Funds EtfsView
Strategy EtfsView
Vanguard EtfsView
Natixis Investment Managers EtfsView
American Century Investments EtfsView
Goldman Sachs EtfsView
Gea Sphere EtfsView
Eurozone EtfsView

Trending Themes

If you are a self-driven investor, you will appreciate our idea-generating investing themes. Our themes help you align your investments inspirations with your core values and are essential building blocks of your portfolios. A typical investing theme is an unweighted collection of up to 20 funds, stocks, ETFs, or cryptocurrencies that are programmatically selected from a pull of equities with common characteristics such as industry and growth potential, volatility, or market segment.
Social Domain Idea
Social Domain
Invested over 20 shares
Macroaxis Index Idea
Macroaxis Index
Invested over 300 shares
Warren Buffett Holdings Idea
Warren Buffett Holdings
Invested few shares
Baby Boomer Prospects Idea
Baby Boomer Prospects
Invested over 90 shares
Cash Cows Idea
Cash Cows
Invested over 20 shares
Investor Favorites Idea
Investor Favorites
Invested over 50 shares
Momentum Idea
Invested over 50 shares
Hedge Favorites Idea
Hedge Favorites
Invested over 70 shares
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Note that this page's information should be used as a complementary analysis to find the right mix of equity instruments to add to your existing portfolios or create a brand new portfolio. You can also try the Transaction History module to view history of all your transactions and understand their impact on performance.

Other Complementary Tools

Efficient Frontier
Plot and analyze your portfolio and positions against risk-return landscape of the market.
Earnings Calls
Check upcoming earnings announcements updated hourly across public exchanges
Sync Your Broker
Sync your existing holdings, watchlists, positions or portfolios from thousands of online brokerage services, banks, investment account aggregators and robo-advisors.
Portfolio Backtesting
Avoid under-diversification and over-optimization by backtesting your portfolios
Idea Analyzer
Analyze all characteristics, volatility and risk-adjusted return of Macroaxis ideas
Idea Breakdown
Analyze constituents of all Macroaxis ideas. Macroaxis investment ideas are predefined, sector-focused investing themes
Portfolio Optimization
Compute new portfolio that will generate highest expected return given your specified tolerance for risk
Portfolio Anywhere
Track or share privately all of your investments from the convenience of any device
Portfolio Suggestion
Get suggestions outside of your existing asset allocation including your own model portfolios
Price Transformation
Use Price Transformation models to analyze the depth of different equity instruments across global markets