Will ChargePoint Holdings continue to grow in July?

ChargePoint Holdings is rated as a 'Buy' by 21 analysts on average. We offer trading advice that aligns with the prevailing expert consensus on ChargePoint Holdings. Our sophisticated recommendation engine employs a multidimensional algorithm to assess the company's growth potential, utilizing all available technical and fundamental data at the time.

Key Takeaways

ChargePoint Holdings, a prominent player in the Specialty Retail industry, has been showing signs of a potential bullish rebound. Despite a total risk alpha of -0.09, indicating a loss, the company's price percent change of 1.82 suggests a positive momentum. The day's typical price of $1.66 and an open price of $1.65 further indicate a potential upward trend. With a daily balance of power at 0.375, the stock's accumulation distribution of 447.3K and today's volume of 9.5M shares traded, ChargePoint Holdings could be on the verge of a bullish rebound in July.
Published over two weeks ago
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Reviewed by Michael Smolkin

ChargePoint Holdings, a notable player in the Consumer Cyclical sector, has been generating quite a buzz in the investment community. With a valuation hype value of 1.68 and a market value also standing at 1.68, the company has been on the radar of many investors. Despite the recent negative income, there are signs of a potential bullish rebound for the stock. A strong indication of this comes from the analyst overall consensus which leans towards a 'Buy' with 2 'Buys', 5 'Strong Buys', and only 1 'Sell'. The possible upside price of $5.94 also suggests a significant growth potential. As we move into July, it would be interesting to see if ChargePoint can harness this positive momentum and deliver a strong performance on the NYSE. Investing in stocks requires careful planning and sometimes bold action. This is evident in the case of ChargePoint Holdings. Despite its current trading price of 1.68, we remain optimistic about a potential recovery. ChargePoint has a historical hype elasticity of 0.01, while its competitors average -0.74. The immediate return on upcoming news is expected to be minimal, with a current daily expected return of -0.14%. ChargePoint's relative hype elasticity volatility stands at 87.62%. The same volatility applies to related hype, with an expected price of 0.94 after the next competitor announcement. Given a 90-day investment horizon, the next press release is anticipated in approximately 11 days.
The successful prediction of ChargePoint Holdings stock price could yield a significant profit to investors. But is it possible? The efficient-market hypothesis suggests that all published stock prices of traded companies, such as ChargePoint Holdings, already reflect all publicly available information. This academic statement is a fundamental principle of many financial and investing theories used today. However, the typical investor usually disagrees with a 'textbook' version of this hypothesis and continually tries to find mispriced stocks to increase returns. We use internally-developed statistical techniques to arrive at the intrinsic value of ChargePoint Holdings based on ChargePoint Holdings hews, social hype, general headline patterns, and widely used predictive technical indicators. We also calculate exposure to ChargePoint Holdings's market risk, different technical and fundamental indicators, relevant financial multiples and ratios, and then comparing them to ChargePoint Holdings's related companies.

Watch out for price decline

Please consider monitoring ChargePoint Holdings on a daily basis if you are holding a position in it. ChargePoint Holdings is trading at a penny-stock level, and the possibility of delisting is much higher compared to other stocks. However, just because the stock is trading under one dollar, does not mean it will be marked for deletion. Most exchanges require public instruments, such as ChargePoint Holdings stock to be traded above the $1 level to remain listed. If ChargePoint Holdings stock price falls below $1 for 30 consecutive trading days, the exchange can delist it. Once the company reaches this point, they will be sent an initial price violation notice directly from an exchange.

Use Technical Analysis to project ChargePoint expected Price

ChargePoint Holdings technical stock analysis exercises models and trading practices based on price and volume transformations, such as the moving averages, relative strength index, regressions, price and return correlations, business cycles, stock market cycles, or different charting patterns.
A focus of ChargePoint Holdings technical analysis is to determine if market prices reflect all relevant information impacting that market. A technical analyst looks at the history of ChargePoint Holdings trading pattern rather than external drivers such as economic, fundamental, or social events. It is believed that price action tends to repeat itself due to investors' collective, patterned behavior. Hence technical analysis focuses on identifiable price trends and conditions. More Info...

ChargePoint Holdings Gross Profit

ChargePoint Holdings Gross Profit growth is one of the most critical measures in evaluating the company. The Gross Profit growth rate is calculated simply by comparing ChargePoint Holdings previous period's values with its current period's values. Each time period you're measuring should be of equal lengths the increase or decrease, in a company's Gross Profit between two periods. Here we show ChargePoint Holdings Gross Profit growth over the last 10 years. Please check ChargePoint Holdings' gross profit and other fundamental indicators for more details.

Going after ChargePoint Financials

ChargePoint Holdings reported the previous year's revenue of 506.64 M. Net Loss for the year was (457.61 M) with profit before overhead, payroll, taxes, and interest of 86.19 M.
 2021 2022 2023 2024 (projected)
Capital Expenditures16.4M18.6M19.4M16.0M

Current Deferred Revenue Breakdown

ChargePoint Holdings Current Deferred Revenue yearly trend continues to be comparatively stable with very little volatility. Current Deferred Revenue will likely drop to about 86.2 M in 2024. Current Deferred Revenue usually refers to revenue that has been collected but not yet earned, typically from prepaid service contracts or subscriptions. This amount is considered a liability until the service is provided or the subscription period ends. At this time, ChargePoint Holdings' Current Deferred Revenue is comparatively stable compared to the past year.
201047.42 Million
202177.14 Million
202288.78 Million
202399.97 Million
202486.16 Million
As Warren Buffet wisely said, be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful. ChargePoint Holdings, a specialty retail company listed on the NYSE, may be poised for a bullish rebound in July. Despite a high probability of bankruptcy at 94.95%, the company's strong cash position, with cash and equivalents standing at $471.54M and a healthy current ratio of 2.85X, suggests it has the liquidity to weather short-term challenges. The company's market capitalization of $701.73M and a target price of $3.66 further indicate potential upside. However, investors should be mindful of the high number of shares shorted, at 106.32M, which could indicate market skepticism.

Will ChargePoint continue to gain?

ChargePoint Holdings has displayed significant volatility, with a recent standard deviation of 4.5, indicating substantial price fluctuations. This could present profitable trading opportunities, given the company's robust position in the EV charging sector and the rising demand for electric vehicles. However, investors should be aware of the risks associated with high volatility. ChargePoint's low volatility, with a skewness of 0.62 and kurtosis of 0.22, can help investors time the market. Using volatility indicators effectively allows traders to gauge ChargePoint's stock risk against market volatility during both bullish and bearish trends.
The increased volatility during bear markets can affect ChargePoint's stock price and cause investor stress as share values drop, often leading to portfolio rebalancing with different financial instruments.In conclusion, ChargePoint Holdings presents a compelling investment opportunity with a potential for a rebound in July. The company's stock is currently undervalued with a Valuation Real Value of 1.52 compared to its Valuation Market Value of 1.68. This discrepancy suggests a possible upside, further supported by the Analyst Overall Consensus rating of 'Buy'. The Analyst Highest Estimated Target Price stands at 11.67, indicating a significant potential for growth. However, investors should also consider the Analyst Number of Holds at 13 and a single sell recommendation, which suggests a level of caution. Despite this, with 5 strong buy recommendations, the case for ChargePoint Holdings to rebound in July is strong..

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