Pioneer Natural Valuation

Pioneer Natural Reso holds recent Real Value of $180.51 per share. The prevailing price of the company is $187.55. At this time the company appears to be fairly valued. Macroaxis determines value of Pioneer Natural Reso from analyzing the company fundamentals such as Shares Outstanding of 169.72M, Operating Margin of (21.28)% and Return On Equity of (11.69)% as well as examining its technical indicators and Probability Of Bankruptcy. In general, we support investing in undervalued entities and to dispose of overvalued entities since at some point stocks prices and their ongoing real values will merge together.

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Pioneer Natural Total Value Analsys

Pioneer Natural Resources Co is at this time estimated to have company total value of 31.46 B with market capitalization of 30.87 B, debt of 3.22 B, and cash on hands of 2.62 B. Please note that company total value may be misleading and is a subject to accounting gimmicks. We encourage investors to carefully check all of the Pioneer Natural fundamentals before making security assessment based on the enterprise value of the company
  Takeover PriceMarket CapDebt ObligationsCash
31.46 B30.87 B3.22 B2.62 B

Pioneer Natural Investor Information

About 89.0% of the company shares are owned by institutional investors. Book value of Pioneer Natural Resources Co was at this time as 61.42. The company has Price/Earnings (P/E) ratio of 439.38. Pioneer Natural Resources Co recorded loss per share of 7.04. This company last dividend was issued on September 28, 2016. Pioneer Natural Resources Company operates as an independent oil and gas exploration and production company in the United States. To find out more about PIONEER NATURAL R contact Scott Sheffield at 972-444-9001 or learn more at

Pioneer Natural Asset Utilization

Pioneer Natural holds negative application of asset of -3.0 pct., making only $0.03 for each dollar of asset held by the company. Inadequate assets utilization implies the company is being less effective with each dollar of asset it holds. In other words assets utilization of Pioneer Natural Resources Co shows how discouraging it operates for each dollar spent on its asset.

Pioneer Natural Ownership Allocation (%)

Pioneer Natural owns a total of one hundred sixty-nine million seven hundred twenty thousand outstanding shares. Majority of Pioneer Natural Resources Co outstanding shares are owned by third-party entities. These other institutions are referred to non-private investors that are looking to secure positions in Pioneer Natural Reso to benefit from reduced commissions. Consequently, institutional investers are subject to different set of regulations than regular investors in Pioneer Natural. Please pay attention to any change in the institutional holdings of Pioneer Natural Reso as this could imply that something significant has changed or about to change at the company. Please note that no matter how much assets the company maintains, if the real value of the the company is less than the current market value, you may not be able to make money on it.
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Pioneer Natural Profitability Analysis

The company reported last year revenue of 3.53 B. Reported Net Loss for the year was (1.13 B) with profit before taxes, overhead, and interest of 1.42 B.
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December 3, 2016
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Pioneer Natural is not too risky asset. Calculation of real value of Pioneer Natural Reso is based on 1 month time horizon. Increasing Pioneer Natural Reso time horizon generally increases accuracy of value calculation and significantly improves predictive power of the methodology used.
Pioneer Natural Analyst Recommendations
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Pioneer Natural Resources Co current and past analyst recommendations published by number of research institutions as well as average analyst consensus
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Pioneer Natural Market Capitalization Analysis
Pioneer Natural Resources Co is rated below average in market capitalization category among related companies. Market capitalization of Independent Oil and Gas industry is at this time estimated at about 682.82 Billion. Pioneer Natural holds roughly 30.87 Billion in market capitalization claiming about 5% of equities under Independent Oil and Gas industry.
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Pioneer Natural Reso Revenue
Based on latest financial disclosure Pioneer Natural Resources Co reported 3.53 B of revenue. This is 84.09% lower than that of the Basic Materials sector, and 170.76% higher than that of Independent Oil and Gas industry, The Revenue for all stocks is 64.31% higher than the company.
Revenue is typically recorded when cash or cash equivalents are exchanged for services or goods and can includes product or services discounts, promotions, as well as early payments on invoices or services rendered in advance.