DreamWorks Animation Capital Expenditure Over Time

DWA -- USA Stock  

USD 40.97  40.97  9,223,372,036,855%

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(63.8 M)(40.2 M)(4.5 M)(5.6 M)(1.9 M)(2.6 M)(1.6 M)(900 K)(1.6 M)(1.6 M)(1.6 M)(1.9 M)
(2.2 M)(2.1 M)(1 M)(3 M)(719 K)(1.1 M)(4.3 M)(5.7 M)(4.6 M)(4.6 M)(4.6 M)(5.4 M)
(2.6 K)(2.6 K)(2.6 K)(2.6 K)(2.6 K)(2.6 K)(2.6 K)(2.6 K)(2.6 K)(2.6 K)(2.6 K)(3 K)
(384.2 M)(403.1 M)(440.7 M)(414.5 M)(856.2 M)(1.2 B)(1.2 B)(1.3 B)(1.4 B)(1.4 B)(1.4 B)(1.7 B)
(64.2 M)(115.3 M)(108.1 M)(191.9 M)(175.9 M)(221 M)(260.1 M)(318.6 M)(445 M)(316.3 M)(316.3 M)(400.7 M)
(540.4 M)(77 M)(77 M)(77 M)(77 M)(77 M)(77 M)(77 M)(77 M)(77 M)(77 M)(90.6 M)
(1.3 B)(278 M)(135 M)(165 M)(180 M)(130 M)(103 M)(148 M)(172 M)(198 M)(198 M)(194.7 M)
(2.3 M)(61.1 M)(49.5 M)(368.8 M)(171.3 M)(179.7 M)(299.1 M)(193.6 M)(461.5 M)(461.5 M)(461.5 M)(542.9 M)

DreamWorks Animation and related stocks such as Dover Downs Gaming, Canterbury Park Holding, Cell Source, Starbucks, Akamai Technologies, SBI Holdings, Advanced Micro Devices, Motorola Solutions, Salesforce, and Quarterhill Capital Expenditure description

A component of Net Cash Flow from Investing representing the net cash inflow (outflow) associated with the acquisition & disposal of long-lived; physical & intangible assets that are used in the normal conduct of business to produce goods and services and are not intended for resale. Includes cash inflows/outflows to pay for construction of self-constructed assets & software.

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DWA - USA Stock
DreamWorks Animation SKG
RegionNorth America
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