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LAZARDA historical price analysis

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Germany EUR
Use LAZARDA (#BMG540501027DE) historical price analysis together with your other stock asset holdings to enhance returns of your portfolios as well as to check it against diversification policy that fits your risk preferences.  
 Open High Low Close Volume
  24.58    24.58    24.58    23.89    1.00  
  25.02    25.02    25.02    24.32    1.00  
  25.92    25.92    25.92    25.19    1.00  
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April 10, 2013
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LAZARDA Trading Date Momentum

On April 11 2013 LAZARDA was traded for 25.19  at the closing time. The highest daily price throughout the period was 25.92  and the lowest price was  25.92 . There was no trading activity during the period 1.0. Lack of trading volume on 04/11/2013 added to the next day closing price rise. The trading delta at closing time to closing price of the next trading day was 3.58% . The trading delta at closing time to current closing price is 36.43% .
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April 10 2013
Trading Day 

LAZARDA April 24 2014 Market Strength

Daily Balance Of Power(9,223,372,036,855)
Rate Of Daily Change0.972
Day Median Price25.02
Day Typical Price24.79
Price Action Indicator(1.05)
Period Momentum Indicator10.38
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LAZARDA Current Alpha Analysis

Risk Adjusted Performance0.0338
Jensen Alpha0.0386
Total Risk Alpha(0.15)
Sortino Ratio0.0039
Treynor Ratio0.1249
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