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Net Asset Analysis

Net Asset is current market value of a fund less its liabilities. In a nutshell, if the fund is liquidated or all of the assest is sold out, the net asset will be the amount that the shareholders would demand back from the fund.
George Putnam 
Net Asset 
Current Market Value 
Current Liabilities 
1.2 B

About Net Asset

Net Asset is the value used in calulating NAV of a fund. NAV (or Net Asset Value) is computed once a day based on the formullay that uses closing prices of all positions in the fund's portfolio.
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Based on recorded statements George Putnam Balanced C has Net Asset of 1.2 B. This is 25.18% higher than that of the Putnam family, and 25.27% lower than that of Family category, The Net Asset for all funds is 7.89% higher than the company.

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RLBBX NASAmerican Funds American Balanced R2
94.2 B
CLBCX NASAmerican Funds American Balanced 529C
94.2 B
CLBAX NASAmerican Funds American Balanced 529A
94.2 B
ABALX NASAmerican Funds American Balanced A
94.2 B
CLBEX NASAmerican Funds American Balanced 529E
94.2 B
CLBFX NASAmerican Funds American Balanced 529F
94.2 B
BALCX NASAmerican Funds American Balanced C
94.18 B
BALFX NASAmerican Funds American Balanced F1
94.18 B
BALBX NASAmerican Funds American Balanced B
94.18 B
AMBFX NASAmerican Funds American Balanced F2
94.18 B
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  Net Asset 
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George Putnam is currently under evaluation in net asset among similar funds.
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Asset Allocation
Fund Instrument Allocation for George Putnam
The fund invests 59.67% of asset under management in tradable equity instruments, with the rest of investments concentrated in bonds (33.68%) , cash (4.81%) and various exotic instruments.
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Price to Earning18.76 times
Price to Book2.25 times
Price to Sales1.79 times
Annual Yield0.49 %
Year to Date Return2.60 %
One Year Return2.10 %
Three Year Return14.07 %
Five Year Return(3.24) %
Ten Year Return1.22 %
Net Asset1.2 B
Minimum Initial Investment500
Last Dividend Paid0.02
Holdings Turnover130.00 %
Cash Position Weight4.81 %
Equity Positions Weight59.67 %
Bond Positions Weight33.68 %