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Yield generally refers to the amount of cash that is paid back to the owner of a security over a specific time (usually one year). It is expressed as a percentage of current market price, and usually amounts to all the interests and/or dividends paid over a given period. A higher yield allows the shareholders to generate returns on their investments sooner. However, investors should also be aware that a high yield may be a result of market turmoil or increased price volatility.
Kinetics Paradigm 
Income from Security 
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0.59 %

About Annual Yield

Small firms, start-ups, or companies with high growth potential typically do not pay out dividends or distribute a lot of their profits. These companies will have small yield. Alternatively, more established companies, ETFs, and funds that invest in bonds will have a higher yields.
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Kinetics Paradigm Annual Yield Assessment

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In accordance with recently published financial statements Kinetics Paradigm No Load has Annual Yield of 0.59%. This is 26.25% lower than that of the Kinetics family, and 27.57% higher than that of Mid-Cap Growth category, The Annual Yield for all funds is 56.93% higher than the company.

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Kinetics Paradigm Annual Yield Comparison
Annual Yield  
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Kinetics Paradigm is currently under evaluation in annual yield among similar funds.
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Asset Allocation
Fund Instrument Allocation for Kinetics Paradigm
The fund consists of 86.23% investments in stocks, with the rest of investments allocated between bonds, cash.
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Price to Earning22.09 times
Price to Book2.34 times
Price to Sales0.92 times
Annual Yield0.59 %
Year to Date Return2.14 %
One Year Return(7.29) %
Three Year Return18.97 %
Five Year Return(3.13) %
Ten Year Return8.28 %
Net Asset760.25 M
Minimum Initial Investment2.5 K
Last Dividend Paid0.21
Holdings Turnover2.00 %
Cash Position Weight13.72 %
Equity Positions Weight86.23 %
Bond Positions Weight0.14 %