Banks Economic Indicators

NationBLSCensusPriceRateGDPInflationIndustryBEAPopulationFRBPersonsACSPPIMSAStateEstimateEmploymentRealHousingManufacturingMEIUnemploymentIncomeInterestPrivateBanksSaipeCommoditiesMedianCPINipaGoldEnergyMetalsPrice IndexStock MarketInvestmentCurrencyReal EstateAll Indicators
Commercial Bank Interest Rate on Credit Card Plans All Accounts21.59Percent
Bank Prime Loan Rate Indicator8.50Percent
Bank of Japan Total Assets Japan7,556,780100 Million Yen
Finance Rate on Personal Loans at Commercial Banks 24 Month12.49Percent
Commercial Bank Interest Rate on Credit Card Plans Accounts Assessed22.63Percent
Interest Rates Immediate Rates Central Bank Rates Total Canada5.25Percent
Treasury and Agency Securities All Commercial Banks4,201Billions of U.S. Dollars
Interest Rates Immediate Rates Central Bank Rates Total Japan0.30Percent
Reserve Bank Credit Indicator7,491Billions of Dollars
Interest Rates 3 Month or 90 Day Rates and Yields Bank Bills5.63Percent
Interest Rates Immediate Rates Central Bank Rates Total China2.90Percent
Treasury Deposits with Federal Reserve Banks786.91Billions of Dollars
Deposits All Commercial Banks17,566Billions of U.S. Dollars
Consumer Loans Credit Cards and Other Revolving Plans All Commercial1,031Billions of U.S. Dollars
Residual All Commercial Banks2,163Billions of U.S. Dollars
Loans and Leases in Bank Credit All Commercial Banks12,305Billions of U.S. Dollars
Commercial and Industrial Loans All Commercial Banks2,763Billions of U.S. Dollars
Bank Credit All Commercial Banks17,525Billions of U.S. Dollars
All Employees Commercial Banking1,371Thousands of Persons
Total Assets All Commercial Banks23,360Billions of U.S. Dollars
Demand Deposits Indicator4,939Billions of Dollars
Cash Assets All Commercial Banks3,443Billions of U.S. Dollars
Total Assets Small Domestically Chartered Commercial Banks6,647Billions of U.S. Dollars
Consumer Loans All Commercial Banks1,885Billions of U.S. Dollars
Commercial and Industrial Loans Small Domestically Chartered Commercial Banks719.61Billions of U.S. Dollars
Securities in Bank Credit All Commercial Banks5,208Billions of U.S. Dollars
Total Assets Large Domestically Chartered Commercial Banks13,434Billions of U.S. Dollars
Loans and Leases in Bank Credit Large Domestically Chartered Commercial6,747Billions of U.S. Dollars
Loans and Leases in Bank Credit Small Domestically Chartered Commercial4,505Billions of U.S. Dollars
Total Liabilities All Commercial Banks1.60Percent Change at Annual Rate
Commercial Banking Home Equity Loans223.97Base Dec 2003  100
Cash Assets Large Domestically Chartered Commercial Banks1,685Billions of U.S. Dollars
Other Securities All Commercial Banks1,006Billions of U.S. Dollars
Borrowings All Commercial Banks2,366,428Millions of U.S. Dollars
Deposits Domestically Chartered Commercial Banks16,315Billions of U.S. Dollars
Large Time Deposits All Commercial Banks2,356Billions of U.S. Dollars
Deposits Foreign Related Institutions1,328Billions of U.S. Dollars
Deposits Small Domestically Chartered Commercial Banks5,358Billions of U.S. Dollars
Deposits Large Domestically Chartered Commercial Banks10,941Billions of U.S. Dollars
Total Assets Foreign Related Institutions3,177Billions of U.S. Dollars
Economic indicators are statistical data points that provide information about the overall health and performance of an economy. These indicators help economists, analysts, policymakers, and investors assess the current state and predict future trends in economic activity
Source: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (

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