Manufacturing Indicators

NationBLSCensusPriceRateGDPInflationIndustryBEAPopulationFRBPersonsACSPPIMSAStateEstimateEmploymentRealHousingManufacturingMEIUnemploymentIncomeInterestPrivateBanksSaipeCommoditiesMedianCPINipaGoldEnergyMetalsPrice IndexStock MarketInvestmentCurrencyReal EstateAll Indicators
All Employees Manufacturing Indicator12,956Thousands of Persons
Durable Goods Indicator277,746Millions of Dollars
Total Manufacturing Indicator576,760Millions of Dollars
Nondefense Capital Goods Excluding Aircraft73,918Millions of Dollars
Total Construction Spending Manufacturing in the United States222,875Millions of Dollars
Motor Vehicles and Parts Indicator61,767Millions of Dollars
Average Weekly Hours of Production and Nonsupervisory Employees Manufacturing40.70Hours
Average Hourly Earnings of All Employees Manufacturing33.63Dollars per Hour
Consumer Goods Indicator248,962Millions of Dollars
Durable Goods Excluding Transportation187,337Millions of Dollars
Computers and Electronic Products24,789Millions of Dollars
Consumer Durable Goods Indicator45,138Millions of Dollars
Electrical Equipment Appliances and Components14,273Millions of Dollars
Durable Goods Excluding Defense263,624Millions of Dollars
Capital Goods Indicator96,159Millions of Dollars
Transportation Equipment Indicator90,409Millions of Dollars
Construction Materials and Supplies62,809Millions of Dollars
Machinery Indicator37,594Millions of Dollars
Information Technology Industries24,731Millions of Dollars
Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing275.61Base Jun 1985  100
Manufacturing with Unfilled Orders196,287Millions of Dollars
Nondefense Capital Goods Indicator84,362Millions of Dollars
Defense Capital Goods Indicator11,797Millions of Dollars
Furniture and Related Products6,800Millions of Dollars
Material Handling Equipment Manufacturing3,994Millions of Dollars
Electrical Equipment Manufacturing4,589Millions of Dollars
Ventilation Heating Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing5,360Millions of Dollars
Nondefense Aircraft and Parts Indicator15,200Millions of Dollars
Defense Aircraft and Parts Indicator4,646Millions of Dollars
Household Appliance Manufacturing2,597Millions of Dollars
Other Electronic Component Manufacturing5,040Millions of Dollars
Mining Oil and Gas Field Machinery Manufacturing1,822Millions of Dollars
Nondurable Goods Indicator299,014Millions of Dollars
Electronic Computer Manufacturing1,034Millions of Dollars
Ships and Boats Indicator1,931Millions of Dollars
Electric Lighting Equipment Manufacturing1,334Millions of Dollars
Communications Equipment Indicator2,944Millions of Dollars
Electromedical Measuring and Control Instrument Manufacturing8,814Millions of Dollars
Manufacturing Excluding Defense562,638Millions of Dollars
Computers and Related Products2,299Millions of Dollars
Manufacturing Excluding Transportation486,351Millions of Dollars
Turbines Generators and Other Power Transmission Equipment3,937Millions of Dollars
All Other Durable Goods Indicator47,954Millions of Dollars
Gypsum Product Manufacturing Gypsum Building Materials362.00Base Dec 1993  100
Manufacturers Inventories to Sales Ratio1.50Ratio
Photographic Equipment Manufacturing594.00Millions of Dollars
Asphalt and Tar Paving Mixture Including Bitumen or Asphalt Concrete290.00Base Dec 2004  100
Real Manufacturing and Trade Industries Sales1,502,408Millions of Chained 2017 Dollars
Other Semiconductor Devices Including Parts Such as Chips Wafers58.45Base Jun 1981  100
Capacity Utilization Manufacturing76.95Percent of Capacity
Average Weekly Hours of All Employees Manufacturing40.00Hours
Nitrogenous Fertilizer Manufacturing397.30Base Dec 1979  100
Prepared Asphalt and Tar Roofing and Siding Products Including Saturated357.43Base Jun 1984  100
Polyurethane Foam Formed and Slab Stock Pillows Seating and Cushioning153.25Base Dec 2005  100
Average Hourly Earnings of Production and Nonsupervisory Employees Manufacturing27.48Dollars per Hour
Average Weekly Overtime Hours of Production and Nonsupervisory Employees Manufacturing3.60Hours
Industrial Machinery Manufacturing248.11Base Dec 1984  100
Cold Rolled Steel Sheet and Strip Made from Purchased Steel300.98Base Jun 1982  100
Flat Glass Made by Flat Glass Producers142.05Base Dec 1980  100
Thermoplastic Resins and Plastics Materials284.72Base Dec 1980  100
Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing101.75Base Dec 2003  100
Industrial Gas Manufacturing Nitrogen215.31Base Jun 1981  100
Manufacturing Durable Goods Motor Vehicles and Parts108.15Base 2017  100
Job Openings Manufacturing Indicator583.00Level in Thousands
Pump and Compressor Manufacturing220.29Base Dec 2003  100
Parts and Attachments Mining Machinery and Equipment356.44Base Jun 1981  100
Manufacturing Indicator99.23Base 2017  100
Petroleum Lubricating Oils and Greases Refined Petroleum663.36Base Dec 1980  100
Medical Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing134.70Base Dec 2003  100
Agricultural and Commercial Pesticides and Chemicals138.36Base Jun 2003  100
Aluminum Sheet Plate and Foil Manufacturing Aluminum Sheet Plate205.41Base Jun 1981  100
Carbon and Graphite Product Manufacturing235.66Base Jun 1985  100
Ready Mix Concrete Manufacturing387.18Base Jun 1981  100
Current General Business Conditions Diffusion Index New York-20.9Index
Fiber Optic Cable Made from Purchased Fiber Optic Strand88.25Base Dec 2003  100
Steel Product Manufacturing from Purchased Steel284.80Base Dec 2003  100
Electric Power and Specialty Transformer Manufacturing Primary Products424.75Base Jun 1981  100
Industrial Gas Manufacturing Oxygen582.47Base Jun 1981  100
Truck and Bus Pneumatic Tires188.79Base Jun 1981  100
Mining Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing428.29Base Jun 1981  100
Manufacturers Total Inventories Total Manufacturing857,734Millions of Dollars
Manufacturing Non Durable Goods Food Beverage and Tobacco99.56Base 2017  100
Coextruded Single Web Film Flexible Packaging Uses160.65Base Jun 2007  100
Special Purpose Coatings Including Marine Industrial Construction and Maintenance Coatings517.73Base Jun 1983  100
Plastics Pipe and Pipe Fitting Manufacturing Plastics Water Pipe394.89Base Jun 1987  100
Manufacturers Inventories Indicator855,786Millions of Dollars
Total Shipments of New Manufactured Homes Total Homes102.00Thousands
Manufacturing Non Durable Goods Chemical103.85Base 2017  100
Air Conditioning Refrigeration and Forced Air Heating Equipment Manufacturing295.94Base Dec 1982  100
Folding Paperboard Boxes Packaging and Packaging Components232.96Base Dec 1983  100
Motor and Generator Manufacturing288.63Base Jun 1983  100
Asphalt Paving and Roofing Materials Manufacturing369.33Base Dec 1984  100
Corrugated Shipping Containers All Other End Uses426.25Base Mar 1980  100
Bare Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing124.00Base Jun 1991  100
Manufacturers Value of Shipments Total Manufacturing581,575Millions of Dollars
Manufacturers Sales Indicator572,320Millions of Dollars
Iron and Steel Products72.35Percent of Capacity
Fertilizer Manufacturing Indicator246.12Base Dec 2003  100
Glass Container Manufacturing Glass Containers203.91Base Dec 2003  100
Synthetic Resin and Rubber Adhesives Including All Types of Bonding370.86Base Dec 1983  100
Economic indicators are statistical data points that provide information about the overall health and performance of an economy. These indicators help economists, analysts, policymakers, and investors assess the current state and predict future trends in economic activity
Source: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (

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